Ministry made aware of concern for infant

THE CORONER’S report into the 2010 death of an infant boy here noted several health factors.

  • Oct. 16, 2012 5:00 a.m.

THE CORONER’S report into the 2010 death of an infant boy here noted several health factors.

The report noted that the residence hadn’t been kept up and was reported to have black mold, which can cause adverse health effects in infants.

The family moved to a new residence in better condition five days prior to the infant’s death, continued the report.

The baby was taken to the emergency room for burns to his left shoulder, arm and face, which were red with severe blisters on June 16, 2010, said the report. Family members said the infant sustained those injuries from crawling against an electric wall heater, continued the report.

The physician noticed that he was missing the part of his nose between the nostrils, which had been there at his last visit to the doctor in January 2010, said the report.

The family said the infant had been scratching himself, which caused infection and destruction of that part of his nose and the conclusion was that the missing part was caused by traumatic injury, continued the report.

Concern about these injuries led to a report being made to the Ministry of Children and Family Development; he was not removed from the home “as there was no definitive evidence of abuse or neglect that would support such a decision. The social worker made arrangements for the infant to attend the Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect Clinic at BC Children’s Hospital; however this appointment did not occur prior to his death,” said the report.

The day before he died, the infant sounded congested and was drooling a lot as he was teething, said the coroner’s report.

Although it was warm in the residence, he was not affected by it as he ate and drank normally, continued the report.