BRUCE Martindale

BRUCE Martindale

Mayoral hopeful promises openness

A LOCAL business owner and current city councillor says he would make a good mayor

  • Oct. 29, 2011 10:00 a.m.

A LOCAL business owner and current city councillor says he would make a good mayor.

“When I see an opportunity like this, and I know I could do a better job than the current mayor, then I believe it’s irresponsible not to (run),” said Bruce Martindale, who owns McBike and who has sat on Terrace city council for one three-year term.

Should he win, Martindale plans to create a city structure he says will collect and share information openly and more efficiently, and in turn be better at reaching its goals.

For instance, Martindale said the city has had closed door conversations about increasing the size of the RCMP detachment as the population increases because of economic growth. The discussion might be better handled from gathering more opinion in public meetings, he believes.

Martindale has been a consistent supporter of providing city money to My Mountain Co-op so it can buy the Shames Mountain ski facility.

He lobbied for two motions earlier this year, a first to provide $200,000 and the second to provide $91,000 to the Co-op. Both failed but the city in the end did agree to give the Co-op $15,000 on the condition it by used to help operate the mountain, not to buy it.

Martindale was challenged before the vote on the $91,000 motion by mayor Dave Pernarowski for having a perceived conflict of interest because of comments he made during a radio interview. He left the council chambers for the rest of the debate and the vote.

In the interview Martindale said having Shames Mountain open helped his business. A legal opinion later indicated Martindale was not in a conflict.

Martindale also wants more openness in how councillors speak about their involvement with groups and committees.

He would like to see more discussion in committee of the whole meetings about what councillors do and wants those meetings broadcast on the city’s website. Regular council meetings are already broadcast on the site.

Martindale also wants to bring groups and task forces with similar mandates together in order to focus their strengths.

As an example, Martindale says that despite best efforts of several groups, a plan to revamp Mills Memorial Hospital, particularly its acute care section, has been slow to materialize.

A plan should be put together so it will be ready for when the opportunity for hospital improvements comes, he says.

Martindale’s campaign has four components: city management, economic development, community engagement and the environment.

He noted any changes made will be incremental.