Mayor to run again for top spot

Terrace's mayor Dave Pernarowski announced minutes ago he plans to run again for the top spot on city council.

  • Sep. 23, 2011 4:00 p.m.

Terrace’s mayor Dave Pernarowski announced minutes ago he plans to run again for the top spot on city council.

“Today, I’m excited to announce that I will be filing my nomination papers at City Hall as a candidate for the office of Mayor in the City of Terrace,” he said in a press release. “The past three years as your Mayor have been exciting, challenging and extremely rewarding.”

“I’m proud of the work that this Council has accomplished through strategic planning, defined goals and a vision for the future of our community,” he said.

Pernarowski said deciding to put his name forward was not easy. He decided on the heels of last minute conversations with his family and current employer Provincial Networking Group which caused him some hesitation before today’s announcement.

The rest of his announcement to the public reads like this:

“I take my responsibilities as Mayor very seriously,” he said.  “The Mayor must be able to listen to all viewpoints and make decisions based on the will of the people.  I have enjoyed being creative in community promotion and problem solving and I’m proud to be acting as an ambassador for Terrace and liaison with senior levels of governments.  I understand the challenges facing Terrace and I’m constantly looking to find solutions to those challenges. I seek out opportunities to strengthen relationships with neighbouring communities to create a strong, unified region.  Employing the minds and talents of everyone in the community and throughout the region is the key to helping us reach our community goals.   One of the “balancing acts” is to be fiscally responsible with tax dollars while taking advantage of opportunities to leverage those dollars through provincial and federal government funding.

I’m excited about the future of Terrace.  I remain passionate about helping this community grow and prosper.  I’m committed to building on our successes and bringing our community vision to life.

I would be honoured to continue working on your behalf as the Mayor of Terrace.”