Logs moving again from YaoRun yard

Northwest logs are again heading to the coast from the YaoRun Wood log sort yard on Keith Ave., with a contract dispute quietly settled

Northwest logs are once again heading to the coast from the YaoRun Wood log sort yard on Keith Ave., with a contract dispute between YaoRun and one of its contractors, Bryco Enterprises, quietly settled late last week.

“Bryco has satisfactorily resolved its disputes with YaoRun and will immediately withdraw all of its claims against YaoRun,” reads a joint statement released by the two companies on April 26.

Activity at the yard was stalled for over a month with YaoRun and  local contractor Bryco Enterprises, involved in a contract dispute over money owed to Bryco.

Earlier this month, Bryco owner Bryan Halbauer put his heavy machinery, parked on an immediately adjacent property, up for sale in order to pay his workers.

Chinese-owned YaoRun had hired Bryco to set up operations on property it leased from the city.

But the two companies had a falling out when YaoRun questioned invoices submitted by Bryco concerning costs and the amount of equipment the latter had working on the property.

“The parties agree to settle the claims, differences, and disputes between them for an undisclosed amount,” reads the April 26 statement. And YaoRun has been released from any liability in connection with the claim.

YaoRun said it missed a deadline to export one ship-load of logs from Prince Rupert.

YaoRun says logs are now once again being sorted and transported to Prince Rupert, where they will eventually be shipped to China. No logs have been exported as of yet.

And while YaoRun had earlier expressed it wished to continue working with Bryco as one of its main contractors, the log yard is now being manned by individuals hired by YaoRun, not one main contractor.

But the release says all is well between the two companies.

“The parties wish each other continuing success in their respective business ventures,” it reads.

Bryco’s machines are still for sale, with Halbauer saying he is undecided about continuing work as a contractor.

Of the two loaders in operation at the log yard, one is owned by YaoRun, the other by one of the individuals working at the yard.

The log yard, once part of the Skeena Celluose complex in Terrace, is now owned by the city and being leased to YaoRun.