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Lisims Nass Valley RCMP’s youth academy fosters bonds, inspires future officers

Young participants tackle obstacle courses, learn policing basics and connect with officers
Nass Valley youth were introduced to the essentials of police working during a one-day Aug. 26 academy sponsored by the Lisims Nass Valley RCMP detachment. (Photo courtesy the Lisims Nass Valley RCMP)

Lisims Nass Valley RCMP officers hope they might have found some future police officers thanks to a youth academy held on Aug. 26.

Nearly 20 young people between the ages of five and 12 began the day by running an obstacle course to get an idea of the kind of physical conditioning required by police officers.

They then proceeded to learn how to take fingerprints and to learn about the equipment officers have with them in order to do their job.

Following lunch, the group then went on a scavenger hunt, successfully collecting evidence to successfully conclude an investigation.

Lights, the siren and other equipment contained in a police vehicle were then checked over after which the group sat through a first aid presentation.

Each youngster received a certificate at the end of the day, a B.C. RCMP Indigenous Policing Services blanket and other RCMP items.

“This was an amazing opportunity to better connect our officers and our local youth,” said Sgt. Louis-Philippe Gendron-Fafard, the detachment commander of the Lisims Nass Valley RCMP.

“We are always looking for opportunity to make a difference into our interaction with the Nisga’a community and this was a remarkable happening for all involved.”