Liberal sign up ends today

  • Feb. 4, 2011 8:00 p.m.

ANYBODY with $10 to spare and hankering to take part in the provincial Liberal leadership race should know that today is the last day to become a member of the party and to have the right to vote to select the new leader.

Candidates have been touring the province since late December signing up members and gathering support leading to the Feb. 26 voting day.

Five of the six candidates have visited the northwest since Jan. 1.

The visits could be a sign of a pending leadership election rule change.

Each Liberal riding association will have the same number of points up for grabs regardless of how many members there are in each association.

That rule change will be voted on next weekend, a full two weeks before the leadership vote itself.

Mike de Jong, George Abbott, Christy Clark, Kevin Falcon and Moira Stilwell – all former cabinet ministers at one time – have all visited the northwest. Ed Mayne, a Vancouver Island mayor, has not.

There are suggestions Liberal party membership could reach 70,000, double that at the start of the race.