Kitselas Administration office. (Kitselas First Nation website photo)

Kitselas Administration office. (Kitselas First Nation website photo)

Kitselas First Nation candidates announced for June 10 election

Over three dozen candidates vying for position of one chief councillor and six council members

The Kitselas First Nation election is set for June 10 to elect a chief councillor and six council members.

The preliminary nomination list, has seven candidates vying for the post of chief councillor and 36 for the position of councillor.

Incumbent chief councillor Judy Gerow is on the list seeking reelection for the position and so is former Kitselas chief councillor Joe Bevan.

Candidates can run for both the chief councillor and council positions. The nomination meeting was held on April 29 and candidates had till May 4 to withdraw their application.

The seven nominees vying for the chief councillor’s seat include Glen Bennett, Joe Bevan, Judy Gerow, Lloyd McDames Sr., Eli McMillan, Lynn Parker, and Pat Squires.

All the current council member four are running again – Cyril Nabess-Bennett, Lynn Parker, Harold Lloyd McDames Sr. and Chad Gerow.

The other 32 candidates are Jericho Bevan, Susan Bevan, Evelyn Bolton, Cheryl Campbell, Judy Gerow, Natasha Gerow, Geneva Mason, Joan Mason, Paul Mason, Ken McDames Jr., Sara McDames, William McDames, Jodie McKay-Kawei, Fred McKenzie, Aaron McMillan, Ed Mould, Gerald Nyce, Daniel Parker, Roxanne Ridler, Danielle Seymour, Gerry Seymour, James Seymour, Lisa Seymour, Marcia Spencer, Pat Squires, Dawn Wale-Derrick, Sasheen Wesley, Leanne Woods, Crystal Wright, Freda Wright, Victor Wright, Bonita Young-Mercer.

The Kitselas First Nation holds elections every two years and this council and chief will take office at a crucial time as the First Nation and the provincial and federal governments are in the final stages of negotiations to settle on a land claims treaty.

An agreement in principle has already been reached and the final agreement will be subject to a ratification vote by Kitselas members.

The June election will be held in accordance with the Indian Act Election Regulations and eligible voters are able to cast their ballot either by mail-in ballot or in-person on June. Electoral officer Drew Shaw will oversee the vote.

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