Marjorie Brown

Marjorie Brown

Homeless Terrace citizens protest in front of city hall

They are demanding that the city do more to ease homelessness in Northwestern B.C.

Three Terrace citizens have staged a sit-in protest in front of city hall this week demanding that the city do more to address the homelessness crisis.

The women say their actions were prompted by the soaring number of homeless people in Terrace and city council’s decision last month to deny a rezoning request made by Ksan House Society to turn a vacant building on Lazelle Ave. into a homeless shelter.

They plan to be in front of Terrace city hall every day this week during office hours.

Marjorie Brown organized the protest and says that she is currently sleeping in a tent and wants the city to find a way to help people who are homeless gain employment and eventually find housing.

“I’d like to see them put up an area for a tent city and then leave them alone, I’d like to see them provide a place for people to access mail so they can get a job, I’d like to see them build a more stable housing situation here, with shelters,” Brown asserted.

“Now that [the city] turned down the damp shelter and are now tearing down tents, what are people going to do,” she asks.

“They said they have services, but these are very limited.”

Angel Morgan and Raquel Mercer who are both staying in a shelter have joined Brown and would like to see the shelter-stay time limit extended beyond the standard 30 days.

“It needs to be at least three months,” Morgan said. “Who could find a place to stay and look for jobs [and try] to get [their] life together in one month.”

City staff have spoken to the women, but could not be reached for comment.