Heritage Park Museum founder passes away

Mamie Kerby, 91, who helped establish the Heritage Park Museum in Terrace, B.C., passed away Feb. 25 following a short illness.

A longtime resident and community supporter has passed away.

Mamie Kerby, 91, who helped establish the Heritage Park Museum, died Feb. 25, 2014 of a short illness.

She’s known best for being one of the founders of the Terrace Regional Historical Society which was established in 1983 to preserve some of the early history of the area.

Those efforts resulted in taking part, moving and re-assembling log buildings from around the area at the Heritage Park Museum location on the bench.

She was on the first board of directors of the museum society and also served as its president.

In 1984, Heritage Park Museum was opened to the public.

It was managed and operated by the society for more than 16 years and then was turned over to the city.

Kerby was the volunteer director and manager during that entire time.

She was the daughter of Chris and Eva (Osborne) Haugland and was very involved in the community.

She taught Sunday school and was a student music teacher, and a school teacher at Old Remo.

She and her husband Fred raised a family of five children in Terrace: Dr. Robert Kerby; well-known local biologist Dr. Norma Kerby; Judy, a public health nurse; Eva, map designer for regional district; and Eric, who runs his own business.

In September 2001, Kerby Avenue, which is the entry road to the museum location on the bench, was named for Mamie and her husband Fred for their contribution to the museum.

A funeral service is being planned for next week.