Fire risk likely to elevate to ‘high’

Terrace is currently seeing a 'moderate' risk of forest fire, but with hot temperature this could rise.

With scorching summer temperatures hitting home locally this week, the Northwest Fire Centre warns that the forest is at risk of sizzling too.

Currently, Terrace’s fire risk is ‘moderate’ with some pockets north of Terrace already rated as ‘high’.

But with hot temperatures forecasted for well into next week, Susanne Pearce, fire information officer for the Northwest Fire Centre said the rating for Terrace will likely move to ‘high’ in the coming days.

Atlin, Watson Lake and Nadina regions are already at ‘high’ risk, Pearce said.

A ‘moderate’ rating means there is an increased risk of fire because the forest is drying from the heat, and caution is to be exercised, especially when lighting or putting out fires.

When the rating moves to ‘high’ the forest conditions have become very dry, meaning there is a significant risk of wildfire. Extreme caution must be exercised while in forests and burning restrictions may be implemented when the rating hits that level.