Drunk drivers targeted

Seven drivers in Terrace had their vehicles impounded on the weekend for drinking alcohol before getting behind the wheel.

  • Nov. 20, 2012 11:00 a.m.

The local RCMP detachment will be watching out for drunk drivers over the holidays and are urging people to think twice before driving after consuming any amount of alcohol.

On Dec. 1st Terrace’s RCMP detachment and the Pacific highway services unit are launching the Christmas Counter Attack — meaning increased efforts to target under-the-influence drivers will be made.

This past weekend, local RCMP impounded the vehicles of seven people found to be impaired behind the wheel. RCMP want to remind the public that impaired driving is a criminal offence with zero tolerance and that rules will be enforced.

“The drinking driver is the problem and the Terrace RCMP want everyone to be part of the solution,” said a release from Terrace’s RCMP today, giving guidelines and tips for safe travel:

  • never drive after even one drink.
  • never be the passenger of a driver who has had more than one drink (remember – in alcohol related accidents, 75% of the dead and injured are in the drinking drivers’ car)
  • always drive defensively. More drinking drivers are on the road at night and on weekends so take extra caution.
  • report drinking drivers to the police with accurate information on color/type of vehicle, licence number, location and direction in which the impaired driver was headed. (10% to 15% of all impaired charges are the result of citizen action.

Before you go out plan for a safe homecoming by following these tips:

  • organize a designated driver program with your friends and family
  • discuss a plan with your family that, should you really need a ride, they will provide it – no questions asked. And return that favor some day.
  • Plan to take the bus. Find out when the last run is, in case you’re going to be late.
  • Keep absolute emergency taxi money in a secret place at your home. Don’t spend it for any other reason. Replace it when it’s gone.
  • Arrange in advance to stay overnight. Your host does have a responsibility.
  • Stay sober yourself, and provide safe transportation for your friends.