TERRACE Public Library librarian Margo Schiller

TERRACE Public Library librarian Margo Schiller

Donation aids brain injury survivors

New book at Terrace Public Library provides many useful suggestions

A LOCAL brain injury awareness and prevention advocate is continuing her efforts to increase public knowledge with the donation of a book to the Terrace Public Library.

Yvonne Nielsen says “Concussion Recovery” suggests strategies and tips for brain injury survivors in rebuilding their lives after a brain injury.

“Each brain Injury is unique. What strategy works for one person may or may not work for another person. A person will know what works for him/her through trial and error,” says Nielsen.

The book mentions a number of strategies:

* positive thinking by replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

* reducing stress.

* physical exercise, which gets the blood flowing to the brain. Different exercise work on different parts of the brain.

* fresh and clean air is good for the brain.

* mental exercises such as crosswords, word search, etc.

* good nutrition. Certain brain foods boost the overall growth of your brain and improve your memory and concentration. Fish, eggs, whole grains, oats, berries, beans, colourful veggies, milk, are all good. This section on vitamins and minerals gives information what the different vitamins and minerals are and what their function do for the brain.

* sleep, music and laughter are also good as are setting long term and short term goals.

Nielsen says other strategies focus on looking at accomplishments, focusing on goals and feeling good about yourself.

“Concussion Recovery” author Colleen Butler herself is an acquired brain Injury survivor. She is the founder of www.brainnavigators.com.