Domino’s customer allegedly finds spit in pizza

Questions remain after Northern Health routine inspection

Domino’s customer allegedly finds spit in pizza

Northern Health conducted an inspection of Domino’s Pizza Terrace following a complaint that a pizza delivered to a customer’s home allegedly had spit in it.

The allegations spread via Facebook in early May, when the customer posted a photo of a half-eaten slice of pizza that appeared to have a large piece of spit hanging from it, alongside another photo appearing to show two Domino’s employees, one blocking his face from the camera with an outstretched hand.

Although the customer subsequently deactivated or made private her Facebook account, screenshots of the original post were shared in Facebook groups for the Terrace area, sparking hundreds of comments from the public, some with harsh words for Domino’s and its employees, while others accused the customer and her family of staging the whole affair. The Terrace Standard is not naming the customer because the customer’s family said she has been traumatized by all the negative public attention.

The Terrace Standard reached out to Northern Health, which is responsible for oversight of restaurants. The health authority received a complaint about Domino’s Pizza Terrace, and on May 4 conducted an inspection of the premises, said Northern Health spokesperson Andrea Palmer.

The inspection turned up no violations, according to a Northern Health inspection report. The report said it was a “routine” inspection and Domino’s Pizza Terrace was given a low hazard rating.

But that only shows that Domino’s Pizza Terrace generally follows health and safety regulations. It doesn’t answer the question of who, if anyone, spit in the customer’s pizza, or why it might have happened.

Both the customer and Domino’s Pizza Terrace indicated that a sample of the alleged spit was collected for DNA testing.

Screenshots of comments on the customer’s original post show her stating that a sample of spit was collected and sent to her local health office for testing.

A statement released by Domino’s Pizza Terrace also referenced DNA testing.

“We are eagerly working with Kitsumkalum Health Centre to process DNA tests and review our camera footage proving our innocence,” said the statement, which called the allegations “100% false.”

Kitsumkalum Health can’t comment on the incident as the matter is under investigation by authorities, said its director, Charlene Webb.

Northern Health is not involved in any DNA testing, Palmer said, nor would they be in any incidents such as this one.

The Terrace Standard spoke with the customer’s family and Domino’s Pizza Terrace, both of whom said they won’t comment before hearing results of an investigation into the matter.

The customer’s mother-in-law said the experience was traumatic for the customer and said the family won’t comment further until investigations are concluded.

A representative of Domino’s Pizza Terrace, reached through their Facebook page, did not share their name and said they can’t comment further as the investigation is ongoing.

“All I can tell you is that we’re working with the RCMP, Kitsumkalum Health and Northern Health,” the representative wrote.

RCMP won’t comment due to privacy concerns, said Terrace RCMP spokesperson Cst. Crystal Evelyn.

“Due to privacy, Terrace RCMP is unable to confirm if any complaints regarding local food establishments were received by the police, but any such reports should be appropriately directed to the establishment and not the police,” she said.

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