Cyclist urges people to ride a bike to vote

It's good exercise, says Terrace, B.C. cycling proponent

TERRACE CYCLE shop owner Bruce Martindale is urging people to ride a bike to vote May 14.

“There are few things in life that have given me the kinds of benefits that cycling brings, whether it be better fitness & health, the joys of experiencing BC’s great outdoors or feeling more connected to my community,” says Martindale who owns McBike.

“Come voting day, I’ll make a short tour from my usual cycle commute home and stop at the polling place. I hope that my many rural and urban friends – whether they consider themselves cyclists or not – will do the same thing.”

Martindale’s bike plan is part of a province-wide effort called Bike to Vote.

Participants are encouraged to sign a pledge at, join the #biketovote conversation via social media and organize election rides all over the province.