POT activist Bob Erb on the steps of the Terrace

POT activist Bob Erb on the steps of the Terrace

Crowd gathers to support legalization of marijuana

Terrace, B.C. April 20 event was one of many held across the country

CLOSE TO 200 people gathered in front of the Terrace court house yesterday afternoon in support of the legalization of marijuana.

Organized by local millionaire pot activist Bob Erb, the court heard speeches and presentations as the smell of burning marijuana wafted through the air.

Snacks were being sold and a large Canadian flag with a red marijuana leaf in the middle instead of a maple leaf fluttered in the spring sunshine.

Smoke ins happen every April 20 across North America in a bid to legalize marijuana but this was the first one to be held in Terrace.

I’m impressed with the numbers, but I’m not surprised,” Erb told the crowd.

Erb not only financially backed the Terrace smoke in but did the same for other events across the country.

In attendance was NDP Skeena incumbent Robin Austin who said a regulated marijuana sales industry could provide badly needed government revenue.

We can use those tax dollars to do lots of good things we need to do in society,” he said.

Austin was invited to the event by Sensible BC , an organization wishing to hold a referendum in support of decriminalizing possession of marijuana.