Council mulls over mini-park plan

Two small pieces of provincial crown land could soon belong to Terrace, BC

RESIDENTS could one day enjoy a mini-park after council approved a plan to ask the provincial government for two small pieces of provincial crown land.

The two parcels, one at 4444 Park Ave., the third lot east of the intersection of Park and Clinton St. and which backs onto Little Ave, and the other at 4400 Walsh Ave., which is a triangular piece of land at the corner of Walsh and Johnstone at the base of Terrace Mountain, have sat in limbo for years.

“It’s inexplicable why it’s there,” said city planner David Block of a road designation on the Park property during discussion of the topic at council’s Jan. 13 meeting.

This parcel has had the provincial road designation on it from 1912, however there is no documentation about why it was needed or who wrote the deed.

The park idea for the Park property arose in a report from sustainability coordinator Tara Irwin who said the 0.05 hectares (510.19 sq. meters) space could contain benches and garden plots.

As for the other parcel of land on Terrace mountain, the city will survey the land in order to designate it within the city limits, with no immediate plans to alter it, said Irwin.

Council’s approval of the plan to acquire the properties from the province came after a debate about a use for the two small areas.

Although the Park property had been tagged to become a small park, councillor Bruce Bidgood said it might be better used as a location for a small social housing development.

Marylin Davies said that green spaces with benches are a nice addition to a neighbourhood.

City planner David Block said the closest park space to the area around the 4400 Block of Park now is the grassy area outside the Sportsplex.