CN Police Constable Jamie Thorne is in Terrace this week. (Staff/Terrace Standard)

CN Police Constable Jamie Thorne is in Terrace this week. (Staff/Terrace Standard)

CN Police in Terrace to promote rail safety

Police are reminding residents not to trespass on railway tracks

CN Police are in Terrace to promote rail safety, as the local CN position remains vacant. Police are reminding residents that trespassing on railway tracks or property is dangerous and can pose a serious risk of injury or death.

CN Police Service spokesperson Jonathan Abecassis said in a written statement that police will be on patrol in Terrace relaying a “strong safety reminder” to not trespass onto railway tracks and property.

In the first half of 2022, between January and June, there were 13 such incidents that occurred in B.C., resulting in 4 fatalities and 3 serious injuries. The majority of those were at railway crossings and while tresspassing according to the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB).

Last year the TSB reported 32 railway incidents in B.C. Over the past 10 years there have been 530 incidents along B.C. railway lines including 137 deaths and the same number of reported serious injuries.

Police are reminding residents to only cross railway tracks at designated public and pedestrian crossings. Trespassing on railway property is illegal and can result in a $575 fine.

“Obey the railway crossing control devices and do not attempt to beat the train. Before walking across any railway crossing, look both ways, listen and only proceed over the crossing when it is safe to do so.”

B.C. ranks fifth among the provinces for railway incidents so far this year, down from third place over the previous two years.

Canada-wide, the TSB reports 102 incidents including 27 fatalaties and 22 injuries so far this year.


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