Close call for three skiers in northwestern B.C.

Skiers rescued after an avalanche occurred near Terrace, B.C.

  • Mar. 21, 2013 8:00 p.m.

IT was a close call for three skiers after they were buried in an avalanche west of Terrace March 17, report RCMP.

Nearby witnesses to the avalanche reacted and rescued the three buried skiers.

On Sunday March 17, 2013 at around 1:50 pm the Terrace RCMPwere notified via 911 of a GPS “spot” emergency beacon signal being received near Shames Mountain.

RCMP soon learned that a group of skiers from Whitehorse had left a ski hill for a back country area known as the Cherry Bowl.

A pilot from Northern Escapes helicopters was in the area and quickly located the three skiers who had been buried in over a meter of snow. Another group witnessed the avalanche and after activating an emergency beacon raced to assist in digging out those buried by the slide.

All were flown to the Shames Mountain lodge where they were treated on scene for minor injuries.

Police remind those traveling into the back country to be aware of the conditions, have the proper essential equipment of probe, receiver/transceiver and shovel and let others know where you going.