City crime rate shoots to top 10

The Terrace and area crime rate as listed in the Statistics Canada Crime Severity Index jumped upwards in 2011.

  • Wed Aug 1st, 2012 5:00pm
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THE CRIME rate here rocketed to a new high last year and the city’s top cop says he will be taking a deeper look at why.

For 2011, Terrace jumped to 10th place out of 239 police service communities with a population of more than 10,000 as shown in the recently released Crime Severity Index Values from Statistics Canada. In the 2010 index, Terrace took 29th spot from the top.

Terrace RCMP inspector Dana Hart had not reviewed the statistics yet but said the sudden increase in the city’s crime rate was a concern.

“I don’t like the idea of Terrace being in the top 10,” said Hart, adding statistics can be interpreted in a number of ways.

“It is definitely concerning to me but … it could be a lot of factors in play,” said Hart, adding the sudden increase in the city’s crime rate could be due to people reporting crimes more than previously or more crimes being solved by police.

But Terrace isn’t the highest ranked city in the province – Williams Lake gets that honour for its sixth place showing; it was also the worst crime city in the province in 2010, although it was in fifth place then.

Prince Rupert is at #8, the same as its position for 2010.

And Langley City comes in at #9.

The lowest ranked B.C. city is Central Saanich at #229.

StatsCan says the police-reported crime rate, which measures the overall volume of crime, continued to drop in the country last year, going down six per cent from 2010.

The Crime Severity Index also fell by that amount.

Stats Can started keeping track of the Crime Severity Index in 2009, saying it addressed the amount of crime but also its severity.

The index also shows whether crime is more or less serious than in previous years and whether reported crime is more or less serious than in other places.