A ROYAL Canadian Air Force CF-18 could make an appearance during this year's Riverboat Days festivities.

CF-18s could appear on Riverboat Days in Terrace, B.C.

ROYAL Canadian Air Force CF-18s could fly low over Terrace, B.C. this summer should a local request be granted.

  • Mon Mar 7th, 2016 4:00pm
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ROYAL Canadian Air Force CF-18s could fly low over Terrace this summer should a local request be granted.

The appearance would coincide with the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 13’s 2016 Riverboat Days parade on July 30.

To add excitement and variety to the 20l6 [Riverboat Days] program, a request has been made for Royal Canadian Air Force participation,” wrote Riverboat Days president Susan Bostock in a letter to Terrace city council.

Specifically, the RCAF has been asked to perform a flyover of downtown Terrace to coincide with the legion parade which commences at 11 a.m. Saturday, July 30,” Bostock wrote.

The air force’s CF-18 demonstration team is in western Canada and Alaska during late July and early August, making a Terrace appearance possible, Bostock added.

However, knowing RCAF assets are difficult to obtain on holiday long weekends, the invitation includes consideration of other ways to participate and to consider any of the l0 days of Riverboat Days,” she said.

This might lead to a flyby on a day other than July 30 and/or a static display at the airport.”

RCAF officials have said they first need a city council resolution approving of a flyover and asked that it contain precise wording for one of as low as 500 feet.

That resolution has been provided by council.

The air force’s CF-18s have been front and center ever since six were sent to join aircraft of other nations in bombing ISIS targets in Iraq and then in Syria.

They were withdrawn from combat missions last month following on a federal Liberal 2015 election promise to do just that.

This would not be the first time CF-18s have made an appearance here.

One performed during an airshow at the Northwest Regional Airport years ago and once, a CF-18 pilot raised in Terrace touched down briefly at the airport while enroute from Alberta to Vancouver Island.