Ian Hayes

Ian Hayes

Candidate to represent a younger generation of parents

IAN HAYES says he wants to represent the younger generation of parents.

  • Oct. 25, 2011 8:00 a.m.

IAN HAYES says he wants to represent the younger generation of parents, in his bid to win a seat for Terrace in the Coast Mountains school board trustee election.

Hayes, 32, said the younger generation of parents is not represented on the current school board.

He feels that with the decline in enrolment over, and a projected influx of industry moving to the area, there will be more young families in Terrace and the school district should be thinking about the long-term.

“Are they thinking about sustainability?” Hayes said.

With two children under the age of three Hayes also decided to run, at the urging of people around him, because he wanted to ensure the quality of their education.

“Because I’ve got young kids, I want to make sure the education system their going into is set up to give them the best possible education,” Hayes explained.

He also feels that the current board is not communicating very well with the public, citing recent school closures and the cancellation of recess as examples of that.

“I want to see a school system and a board of education that the community is proud of,” Hayes said.

He works at Cambria Gordon as an environmental consultant and is from Terrace, returning after completing his education.

Hayes was nominated by Ana R. Peasgood and Jordan Beblow.