Bad drivers snared in northwestern BC

Suspected drunk drivers or ones on drugs taken off the road

Eighteen people driving while impaired by alcohol and/or drugs were caught by police during the Summer Counter Attack Campaign for the entire month of July.

And no one suffered major injuries or died due to collisions caused by intoxication.

“Police are happy to report that there were no major injuries or fatalities directly related to collisions involving impairment through the month of July,” said media relations officer Const. Angela Rabut.

Terrace general duty officers and North District Traffic Services officers gave out driving prohibitions ranging from 12 hours to 90 days or charged people through the criminal code, she added.

Fourteen of the 18 investigations were either in Terrace itself or in the immediate surrounding area regularly patrolled by Terrace RCMP, said Rabut.

There was one crash that involved impairment: the two vehicle occupants  suffered minor injuries and were released from hospital that same day, she said.

“The number of investigations itself with respect to impaired drivers would ideally like to be seen lower and police will continue to exercise extra efforts towards targeting impaired drivers,” said Rabut.

“Too many people have been hurt or killed over the years due to the poor decisions made by themselves or others,” she said.

The priorities of local police, besides targeting drivers impaired by alcohol or drug drivers, include keeping an eye out for aggressive drivers and drivers and passengers who don’t wear their seatbelts.