The plan would support Terrace stormwater network decisions from now up to 2030. (Brittany Gervais photo)

The plan would support Terrace stormwater network decisions from now up to 2030. (Brittany Gervais photo)

As population doubles, Terrace must upgrade its stormwater drainage system

Estimated $150,000 plan needed to service rapidly growing population, city says

The City of Terrace is trying to figure out how the city’s current drainage system will support its residents in the future, as Terrace’s population is expected to double over the next 10 years.

A request for proposals (RFP) was recently posted on the BC Bids website asking for consultants to develop a stormwater drainage network planning and improvements master plan.

Currently serving roughly 12,500 residents, the existing stormwater drainage system in Terrace is comprised of approximately 72 km of storm mains, 1,791 catch basins, and 468 manholes.

However, the city says Terrace is experiencing a period of rapid growth with industrial projects in the region, such as LNG Canada’s proposed $40 billion project in Kitimat. The city’s population could double within 10 years, with “up to 21,000 residents at the 2030 build-out planning horizon,” the report reads.

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The city does not currently have a stormwater drainage master plan in place.

“In anticipation of growth generated by an increase in the local and regional economic activity a Stormwater Master Plan is required to guide decisions in investment in infrastructure,” the request reads.

“We are requesting proposals from firms with proven experience in stormwater master planning, engineering services, hydraulic modelling, data collection, and analysis.”

The plan would support stormwater network decisions from now up to 2030, include a calibrated storm system hydraulic model, identify priority projects including plans to expand and upgrades to existing and new infrastructure, account for the effects of climate change, and provide recommendations on best practices and alternatives to reduce run-off and improve water quality.

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The city has set the budget for this plan at $150,000, with $170,000 allocated within this year’s budget for the total line item cost.

The RFP closes on June 14, with a completed plan expected no later than March 31, 2020.

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