Alberta fugitive flown back home from Terrace, BC

One of several wanted people removed from British Columbia

a man convicted of escaping police custody and obstructing a peace officer in Stewart was sent back to Alberta as a wanted fugitive to face criminal charges in that province.

On July 26, Michael Todd Schofield was arrested here, remanded in custody and was transported to Vermillion, Alberta on August 2. He’s wanted there for mischief, uttering threats, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, fleeing from police in a motor vehicle and impaired driving.

He also has outstanding warrants from Grande Prairie, Alberta for mischief, fail to appear and resisting arrest. He was identified as a candidate for the BC Fugitive Return Program (BCFRP) by Stewart RCMP.

On July 26, in provincial court here, Schofield pleaded guilty to one charge of escape from lawful custody and one charge of wilfully obstructing a peace officer in Stewart May 2 of this year.

He was ordered to pay a $500 fine and to not to go within 10 km of Stewart except for work, and to tell his probation officer the dates and times that he would be there for work.

On May 2 at 6:30 p.m., Stewart police were called when a witness saw Schofield on the back patio of the King Edward Hotel even though hotel owners had barred him from the property because of previous incidents, said crown prosecutor Bill Funnell in reviewing the evidence.

The officer noticed an odour of liquor on Schofield’s breath and that his speech was slurred, court heard.

He admitted to the officer he had been drinking liquor and that he knew he was barred from hotel property but was just talking to someone and not causing a problem, court heard.

The constable offered to give him a ride home, court heard.

After he was put in the police vehicle, Schofield became belligerent and argumentative, court heard.

The officer told him he was under arrest for being drunk and in public and that he would remain at the detachment in cells until he sobered up, court heard.

At the cell block, Schofield refused to walk in, stared down the officer and continued to stare him down, court heard.

He refused to enter the cell, swore and ran to the parking bay, and exited the building, court heard.

He fell on the grass, stood up and turned to face the officer, who had been yelling at him to stop, and then Schofield ran toward the officer, yelling “come on, let’s go,” court heard.

The officer stepped back and struck Schofield’s upper left arm with his baton and inadvertently struck Schofield on top of the head, which started  bleeding, but Schofield continued to get closer and grabbed the baton, court heard.

A second officer was called and he managed to force Schofield to the ground and told Schofield he was under arrest, court heard.

Schofield was taken to hospital in Stewart where he received 11 staples in his head, and was treated for significant bruising, court heard. The officers weren’t injured, court heard.

The BC Fugitive Return Program is managed by RCMP and  Vancouver police with financing from the Civil Forfeiture Office of the BC government.