The Welcome to Thornhill sign by local wood artist JJ Jung installed in 2017. (File Photo)

The Welcome to Thornhill sign by local wood artist JJ Jung installed in 2017. (File Photo)

A second Welcome to Thornhill sign could be placed near roundabout

Permits would have to be issued by the Ministry of Transportation

The area near the Hwy16/Hwy37 roundabout could be the new home of a second Welcome to Thornhill sign.

“It has been brought to my attention that there is a still another fully carved, ready to go Thornhill sign that was proposed a while back that it be placed somewhere at the beginning of Thornhill coming from the roundabout,” said Jeff Hammond, regional district area director for Thornhill.

The topic was raised at the end of a June 9 meeting of the Thornhill advisory planning commission. The proposed site is on the Thornhill side of the “New Skeena” Bridge on the south side of Highway 16.

“So we have one sign finished and placed just past Azorcan there by the highway and the plan before was to have another one put just before the roundabout coming into Thornhill,” said Hammond at the meeting.

The sign was created by J.J. Jung, the same local artist who carved the existing Welcome to Thornhill sign.

Installing the sign is expected to be cost-neutral, because it is already carved and waiting, complete with a base donated by Skeena Concrete.

However, the proposed location is in a depression beside the highway. That spot would have to be built up for the sign to be prominently visible which could carry a cost.

At the meeting, the Thornhill advisory planning commission was supportive of installing the second carved sign.

“Personally I think it’s a good looking sign when you are coming in and it recognizes you are actually in the regional district — Thornhill — and not in Terrace yet, so I’m all for that,” said Mark Capewell, member of the commission.

“It would be a wonderful match and certainly a good community thing as far as Thornhill, the area goes, so I’m in favour of it. I like the sign that’s been put up.”

The provincial transportation and infrastructure ministry owns the land where the sign would be placed, so regional district planning staff are reaching out to determine the potential and to find out what kind of permits would be required.

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