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2023 Pacific Northwest Music Festival concludes with scholarship and gala evening

See a list of winners from the 17-day festival, with participants from different disciplines
Dance group Contemporary Collective was invited by adjudicators to compete in the provincial music festival, held in Penticton, later this year. (Courtesy of Ken Juniper)

The 2023 Pacific Northwest Music Festival, an annual celebration of musical and speech talent in the region, concluded with a scholarship night on April 28, followed by a gala evening on April 29. The festival, which took place over 17 days, showcased the talents of more than 4,000 people across various genres.

The scholarship night awarded thousands in scholarships to up-and-coming people, recognizing their talent and dedication to their craft. Festival organizers, in partnership with local sponsors, provided these financial awards to help aspiring performers further their education and careers.

During the scholarship night, attendees were treated to special performances by the top scholarship recipients. The evening featured a diverse range of genres, highlighting the eclectic mix of talent present at this year’s festival.

Pacific Northwest Music Festival program coordinator Ken Juniper shared a list of performers adjudicators recommended go to the provincial music festival, held in Penticton this year. They include:


Tallulah MacKereth

Contemporary Collective

Music Theatre

Claire Hansen

Kai Janzen


Edan Jairus Tadiaman

Speech Arts

Addison Pitzel Erica Rogers

Rohan Cooper

Veronica Mikhailana


Olivia Emery

Zoe Unrau

Aizlynn Pushong


Haruka Yamamoto

Milla Ivens

Tawney Cooper

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The festival’s grand finale was the gala evening. The night showcased the festival’s top performers, including the winners of the prestigious Pacific Northwest Music Festival Awards. Guests enjoyed an evening of memorable performances, celebrating the passion and dedication of these talented musicians.

The 2023 Pacific Northwest Music Festival began on April 14 and featured a variety of events across the city, including concerts, workshops, and masterclasses. Participating musicians ranged from young prodigies to established professionals, all hailing from across the province, the country and even internationally.

Festival organizers expressed their gratitude for the support of the local community, sponsors, and volunteers who helped make this year’s festival a success. They also shared their excitement for the growth and development of the Pacific Northwest music scene, noting the vital role the festival plays in fostering local talent and encouraging the pursuit of musical excellence.

Juniper also shared a list of scholarships and awards of excellence awarded during the festival. They include:


Senior Scholarship – Horizon Dental - $1000: Taylor Jackson, Dance

Intermediate Scholarship – Woodd Family - $500: Edan Jairus Tadiaman, Piano

Junior Scholarship – Munson Family - $250: Hannah Hansen, Dance

Awards of Excellence


Senior – Sandpiper Boutique Award - $200: Braya Kluss

Intermediate – Rotary Club Award - $150: Edan Jairus Tadiaman

Junior – Angela Beaupre Award - $100: Mia Lan


Senior – Acadia Mechanical Award - $200: Nathan Bahr

Intermediate – Crystal Thomas Award - $150: Benjamin Chouinard

Junior – Terrace Academy of Music Award - $100: May Zhang

Speech Arts

Intermediate – Elks Award - $150: Erica Rogers

Junior – Elaine Johnson Award - $100: Addison Pitzel


Intermediate – Elks Award - $150: Erilyn Nicklie

Junior – Cecil R. Goodvin Award - $100: Xavier Grielens


Senior – Fusion Eye Care Award - $200: Azilynn Pushong

Intermediate – Bert’s Deli Award - $150: Erica Rogers

Junior – Ginny Lowrie Award - $100: Emeline Hanna


Intermediate – Jim Steele Memorial Award - $150: Milla Ivens

Junior – Terrace Community Band Award - $100: Haruka Yamamoto

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