Why support U.S. when it holds friends, allies in contempt?

Dear Sir: The current US administration has chosen to declare a form…

  • Sep 10, 2017

Killing grizzlies isn’t the crime it’s made out to be

Northern B.C. residents remind people that too many bears can be destructive

  • Sep 9, 2017

Former faller says wildfire response mismanaged

The initial firefighters should be loggers and first responders living in the same area as the fire

  • Sep 2, 2017
Terrace resident celebrates 100th birthday
Northwest Regional Airport Terrace-Kitimat
Firefighter drops eggs 65 ft. for kids' science project
Man catches bald eagle from water in Kootenay lake

Safety advice is wrong message to wrong audience

Zero tolerance needs to be the norm for sexual violence

  • Sep 2, 2017

Speed and weed aren’t helping ICBC

Readers call for electronic enforcement, car insurance competition

  • Aug 31, 2017

First Nations need fishing accountability too

Some bands do fish ethically, but others don’t, and accountability is needed, says Terrace writer

  • Aug 27, 2017

Sexual assualt is not a woman’s fault

The crux of the Taylor Swift case is not blaming the victim, says Terrace writer

  • Aug 27, 2017

Killing bears, one way or another

B.C. hunters speak out about grizzly hunt, wildlife management

  • Aug 23, 2017

Health officer bids Terrace a fond farewell

It wasn’t perfect, but its a beautiful and warm place to call home, says David Bowering

  • Aug 20, 2017

Accessing health care still difficult

I have been living here in Terrace since 2002 and have seen…

  • Aug 16, 2017

Non-native people need fish for food too

Dear Sir: Re: Understand background to First Nations fishing request, Aug. 20,…

  • Aug 13, 2017

Sports anglers ignorant over First Nations fishing request

Thorkelson says recreational anglers on Skeena should count themselves lucky

  • Aug 6, 2017

Bicyclists loop the scandal of the century

Writer jokes that the shamelessly free bicycling system is an outrageous tax scandal

  • Aug 6, 2017

Petronas pipeline decision more than market conditions

It’s also politics, protests and red tape causing project cancellation, says northern B.C. writer

  • Jul 30, 2017

Next time, clean your recylable containers

Otherwise, handling them is completely unsanitary

  • Jul 19, 2017

Reserved parking spaces should recognize all dangerous occupations

I salute the veterans, and to my sisters and brothers working hard every day often at meagre wages, sometimes risking health or life.

  • Jul 18, 2017

kermodei tourism letter re: skeena closure

An open letter to: The Honourable Dominic LeBlanc Minister, Fisheries and Oceans…

Letter writer backs ‘Welcome to Thornhill’ signs

Bob Erb congratulates Ted Ramsey for sign project

  • Jul 9, 2017

Whose time is more valued? A physician or person who picks up bottles?

There’s a message in here for Skeena’s new MLA

  • Jun 25, 2017

Motion escalates climate of fear

Motion 103 opposing Islamophobia actually does the opposite, says Terrace writer.

  • Jun 19, 2017