LETTER | NDP… Don’t let the dumpster fire flare up again

LETTER | NDP… Don’t let the dumpster fire flare up again

Terrace resident shares view on ICBC and province’s relationship

Dear Editor,

For years, the BC Liberals used ICBC like a piggy bank. By the time BC residents voted them out in 2017, the ICBC was short of more than a billion dollars.

Read that again. More than a billion dollars!

That is money that could have gone to protect drivers, or to health care, or affordable housing. Kids went to rich lawyers while the rest of us saw our rates increase and become expensive and less afford-able every year.

That’s why the announcement from John Horgan and David Eby on ICBC is so appreciated. They’re doing the hard work to put out the BC Liberal’s ICBC dumpster fire and put regular Brit-ish Columbians first. Their new ‘Enhanced Care Model’ will cut insurance rates by 20 per cent next year — an average of $400 — while making sure people are cared for and supported after an accident.

Andrew Wilkinson will still probably say we need private insurance. What he won’t say is that he and the BC Liberals took more than $140,000 in donations from his friends in the insurance industry.

Make no mistake – private insurance will cost people more. Insurance rates are going through the roof in provinces with private insurance – Ontario has the highest rates in the country and in Alberta, rates are going up 30 per cent this year. No way.

Thanks to John Horgan, the dumpster fire the BC Liberals lit at ICBC is finally going out. All of us need to make sure they don’t get the power to light it again.

Nicole Halbauer

Terrace, B.C.