Ethics of Liberal party clearly presented

Dear Editor,

The article on new BC Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson and the letter from Liberal MLA Ellis Ross (Feb. 15 issue) succinctly present the ethics of their party—and a warning to BC.

Mr. Wilkinson, the article noted, once represented business backed by the Chinese government. That government jails journalists second only to international pariah Turkey and abuses human rights with the best of them. What is it we say about the company we keep?

In his letter, Mr. Ross scorns the BC Green Party for its policy on the environment. His support for continued petrochemical exploitation signifies climate crisis denial. By the end of the century, such thinking will be categorized with support for slavery and residential schools. Some legacy.

The BC Liberal Party is now on the wrong side of history. At least we can still say that here. But for how long?

David Heinimann

Terrace, BC