Worms take centre stage for projects

How crazy about worms is the Terrace gardening community ?

KSAN KIDS Day Camp participants show off the worms in the large composter at Ksan Place July 26.

KSAN KIDS Day Camp participants show off the worms in the large composter at Ksan Place July 26.

KSAN SOCIETY is one step closer to discovering just how crazy about worms the Terrace gardening community really is.

Following the society’s purchase of a worm composter unit for Ksan Place and the creation of a “worm-cycle” bike-trailer by generous volunteers Brad Harrison and Norm Larson, the society was provided with an Eco-prise Community Education and Zero Waste Marketing grant by the Regional District of Kitimat Stikine to further explore vermi-composting and zero waste.

“Over the course of the summer and fall we’ll be trying a variety of methods to see how vermi-composting works as an alternative to composting, we’ll learn about vermiculture (growing worms), vermi-composting (producing highly prized worm compost) and general worm farm production on various scales from in the home to backyard and community units,” said Ksan community connector Marianne Weston.

“We’ll also be looking into what we do with the worms, and their workplaces, to ready them for winter.  Ksan Place coordinators Brenda Ramsey and Darlene Westerman are leading the project, which will include demonstration models and workshops for children and interested community members.”

A volunteer is test-driving the worm-cycle, which is still a ‘work in progress’ added Weston.

“We are having lots of fun figuring out what works and what doesn’t, and using the eco-approach, which means building it from existing and repurposed materials.”

Children participating in Ksan’s Eco-Summer Camp will have an opportunity to learn about the industrious Red Wiggler Worm and the cycle of nature while they contribute to a Children’s Garden.

They have constructed their own individual units and will observe the process of piloting the worm compost unit as the kinks are worked out and other possible options for farming worms explored.

The first workshop will take place during Riverboat Days when Ksan Place hosts an Open House and Worm Demonstration, which includes a draw for a worm compost unit.

To win the draw, you have to be in attendance.

The open house takes place August 11 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. – the workshop will start at 3 p.m.

A second workshop for kids (and their responsible people) will take place August 23 at 1:30.

Our summer Canada Works students have started a Worm Blog, so if you’d like to follow their progress, check out the blog at (linked to the Ksan web page at www.ksansociety.ca/ksanhappenings/worms/.