Brangomar (Judy McCloskey) seated

Brangomar (Judy McCloskey) seated

Wicked Women get their say

Terrace Little Theatre welcomes an original play to its stage, written and directed by longtime resident Karla Hennig

Terrace Little Theatre welcomes an original play to its stage, written by longtime resident Karla Hennig, who is directing the play and is the third playwright to direct her own play with the theatre.

The others were Daniel Barnswell who wrote and directed Room 44 in 1990 and Cherie Thiessen, when she first wrote One Spring Morning and it was staged 30-40 years ago.

Wicked Women and One Lone Wolf lets 12 characters from various fairy tales and stories tell what happened from their own points of view in this comedy/farce.

The 11 women and one male, the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood, include one of the witches from Macbeth, the wicked queen from Snow White and one of Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters. The rest will reveal their identities as the play unfolds. The play offers up several unexpected revelations about the characters.

Hennig, who says she writes all the time, finished her play three years ago, then over time, held three readings of it and would rework it after each one. She then did a workshop with director Stephen Drover, in which he watched the play and questioned Hennig about the characters. By doing that, she began to see a theme in the text that she hadn’t noticed and reworked the play to emphasize it throughout.

And Hennig has received more input from some of the actors, who were very respectful in asking about making changes, she said.

In most cases, Hennig liked what they suggested and kept the changes.

For more details on the play, including where to buy tickets, see City Scene in the March 18 issue of the Terrace Standard.