Corporal Mackenzie Lindsay of Terrace is spending the summer with the ceremonial guard in Ottawa.

Terrace resident chosen to be part of Ceremonial Guard

Royal Canadian Regiment soldier Cpl. Mackenzie Lindsay is training for his role in the guard this summer.

A Terrace resident will spend his summer with the Ceremonial Guard of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Corporal Mackenzie Lindsay, a soldier with the Royal Canadian Regiment, is presently undergoing three weeks of intensive drill training for his role in the guard.

During the training, he will master the precision movements, attain a high standard of dress and deportment, undergo extensive physical fitness training, and be fitted and tailored in the scarlet uniform. He also expects that he will be able to bring great pride to his unit and country through his interactions with the public.

“I find that being selected for the Ceremonial Guard is a tremendous privilege and an honour,” says Mackenzie, “the leadership experience that I will gain at the Ceremonial Guard is paramount to me.”

With their scarlet tunics and bearskin headdress, the Ceremonial Guard of the Canadian Armed Forces, The Band of the Ceremonial Guard and its Pipes & Drums are the most recognizable military unit in Canada.

For more than 50 years, the Changing of the Guard has been a top Ottawa summer attraction, having thrilled thousands of visitors on Parliament Hill.

They proudly provide sentries at the National War Memorial and Rideau Hall, the official residence of His Excellency David Johnston, the Governor General of Canada.

During the summer, Lindsay will also participate in Ceremonial Guard appearances around eastern Ontario, and as well as the culmination event known as Fortissimo.

Fortissimo is a military and musical spectacular event that takes place July 23 to 25 on the lawns of Parliament Hill.

It features massed military bands, pipes and drums, guest performers and the soldiers of the Ceremonial Guard.

So when the scarlet tunics march through the nation’s capital, the band playing, banners flying, and the crowd cheering, there will be a Terrace connection.