Terrace mini-parks in the works

The city is waiting on a new plan to provide direction for the development of parks on unused land

A new but small park is slowly coming to life at the bottom of the hill near Lanfear Drive.

The mini-park, which has had some work done on it already, lies at the corner of Thomas Street and Walsh Avenue and is across the road from the more established Howe Creek Trail. A city garbage bin has been installed on the lot and more recently a bright blue picnic table was discovered on the lot as well.

However, the park is largely unusable right now because there isn’t any grass or vegetation on the lot except for a few small trees. The land was recently cleared and currently the picnic table sits atop a bed of soil.

While the park area will occupy only a small corner of land, it has the potential to be a welcome green space in the community.

Spokesperson Danielle Myles from the city of Terrace said the city is waiting on the final report from the Parks and Recreation department’s master plan that should give decision-makers “some recommendations for park priorities.”

The department’s master plan is intended to give the city of Terrace a comprehensive land use and facilities plan, as well as a means to prioritize its recommendations to be carried out in the future.

Myles said there are many “pressing” park priorities, and the plan would give the city more direction for how exactly it would develop the park space at the bottom of Lanfear Hill. The plan could also help establish a timeline for when it could be completed.

Myles did say, however, that the parcel of land at Lanfear Hill would be “levelled and seeded.”

After a recent public input period regarding the Parks and Recreation master plan, Myles said the final report can likely be expected in a few weeks.

Two other potential mini-parks in the area, one at 4444 Park Ave. and another at 4400 Walsh Ave., have sat relatively untouched and undeveloped for years. Myles said the city currently has no plans with regards to these parcels of land.