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Terrace high school students add artistic touch to Grand Trunk Pathway

The project involved Terrace Art Gallery Coordinator Laura McGregor and other supporting artists

A group of artistic students from Caledonia Secondary School made a significant contribution to Terrace’s Grand Trunk Pathway, also known locally as the Millennium Pathway, adding a vibrant splash of art to the popular community space.

The students, ranging from Grade 10 to 12, joined forces with ArtStarts artist Laura McGregor and local artists Michelle Stoney and Matthew Daratha.

Together, they worked to contribute to the Millennium Pathway Migration Project, a component of the Skeena Salmon Arts Festival.

Initiated in 2019 by local resident Angie Healey, the Millennium Pathway Migration Project seeks to incorporate the region’s natural beauty into the existing urban landscape.

Healey brought the idea to festival organizer Dave Gordon, who then helped make it a reality.

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“The idea is that with the fish, they’re all facing one direction, they’re all swimming up the river,” Healey explained in an interview last year.

“We wanted to create a representation that was true to the size and proportion of each species, giving onlookers an opportunity to learn about the diversity of our local aquatic life.”

McGregor, who’s also the coordinator at the Terrace Art Gallery, further emphasized that the aim of the project is to create a sense of flowing movement with representations of various salmon species along the Millennium Pathway, adding, “The idea is to have all kinds of salmon swimming along the Millennium Pathway.”

The artistic initiative was made possible through the financial support of ArtStarts: Artist in the Classroom funds and additional support from the Skeena Salmon Arts Festival Society and Skeena Wild Conservation Trust.

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