Terrace, B.C. and area cleans up on April 24

Groups come together to clear area of accumulated garbage

SPRING means a revival of plant life but it also exposes what’s been discarded over the past months.

And that’s why the Greater Terrace Beautification Society and other sponsors have organized a garbathon this Sunday, April 24.

Groups should come to McDonald’s on Lakelse Ave. at noon to pick up garbage bags and either be assigned a section to clean up or tell organizers where their preference might be.

“A group of local merchants got the ball rolling in 1985 when they carried out the first community garbage pick-up,” reminisces Kerry Giesbrecht of the Greater Terrace Beautification Society.

“The following year, the group decided that there was still work to be done and so the Greater Terrace Beautification Society was born and hosted the first “official” garbathon in 1986,” she said.

In recent years, an average of over 250 people have come out.

“The continued cooperation of residents, organizations and business owners means that we can have Terrace and area looking its best for everyone to enjoy” said City of Terrace planner Tara Irwin.

Also help organize the garbathon is Skeena WildConservation Trust.

A salmon barbecue at George Little Park follows at 4 p.m.

Volunteers also receive McDonald’s coupons for either ice cream or coffee and muffins.