Hockey mom Michelle Milligan works the fireworks table on Lazelle Ave.

Hockey mom Michelle Milligan works the fireworks table on Lazelle Ave.

Midget reps fundraiser to light up Halloween

Annual fireworks sale keeps hockey costs down for Terrace families

THE tradition of amateur Halloween fireworks displays in Terrace owes itself in large part to the Terrace Midget Reps hockey team’s annual fundraiser that is on right now.

A special city bylaw is in place that permits the sale of fireworks for seven days leading up to Halloween on October 31.

Come that time, the team is ready with a load of all sorts of fireworks imported from Ontario, including the high-firing kind as well as noise makers like cherry bombs.

A temporary fireworks depot is operated at 4605 Lazelle at the corner of Kalum until 10 p.m. Thursday.

Travel costs to tournaments are high, and team director Dave Jephson said he wants to keep them low as possible for families, with a goal of raising at least $20,000 as they have in past years.

They have six tournaments outside of Terrace this season, and the cost is around $1,200 a day for hotels, food and travel expenses.

“We would like the community to come out and support the kids,” said Jephson. “We go out on a limb and buy lots of fireworks.”

Jephson said that people should make sure to follow manufacturers specifications on the fireworks packaging and “don’t shoot them at each other” in order to have a safe Halloween.

The sales depot is operated by hockey parents with the help of the players.

“We go and help out every day,” said assistant captain Ryan Roseboom, adding that this year there is a competing depot in town.