Meet dance adjudicator Julie England

Julie England was born in England, UK and started dance at the age of 2.



Julie England was born in England, UK and started dance at the age of 2.

At the age of 16 she was accepted into the prestigious London College of Dance and Drama.

This is where her love for Modern dance grew; training in the styles of Graham, Duncan, Cunningham, Horton, Limon; and having the opportunity to perform with the Nexus Modern dance Company.

Julie graduated at the age of 18, with Dip. (LC.D.), B.A. dance, teaching qualification – A.I.S.T.D- Ballet, and – A.I.S.T.D- National.

Her passion for teaching and choreographing led her to Calgary, where she currently resides, teaching

Contemporary, modern, interpretive dance and ballet, Jazz and tap at Airborne Dance Centre.

Julie has adjudicated numerous dance competitions, recognizing the talent, dedication, and achievement of artists.

As an enthusiastic and passionate teacher, she has contributed to several dance workshops speaking to both dancers and audience members on all aspects of dance presentation including the history of dance, areas of improvement, and techniques.

Best known for her innovative and compelling choreography, Julie has won an abundance of awards all over the world; she has won the George Lon Memorial Choreography Award as well as awards for American Dance Choreographic Achievement, Adjudicators Choice, and Outstanding Group.

She and her students were awarded the winning cup for the Diamond Dance-Off for Can Dance; Power champions for western Canada; Overall ensemble for Terpsichore dance; as well as the Memorial Choreography Award for “outstanding artistic performance” in memory of Julian Paul Masi.