Mackenzie strives for Hockeyville title

THE NORTHEASTERN town of Mackenzie, all but written off three years ago when its sawmills and pulp mills closed, wants to become Hockeyville 2011.

Now in the midst of being revived with an re-opening of some of its wood processing facilities, community spirit is now concentrating on a Hockeyville campaign, says Alica Borenheim, a staff member at CHMM FM and a Mackenzie for Hockeyville committee member.

“ Please support Mackenzie BC in our goal to be crowned Kraft Hockeyville 2011! On March 8th, 10 communities will be selected for voting – we need all of your votes to make this happen,” says Borenheim.

“ Get the word out there and start the support for our town early! We would love for your help to promote Mackenzie, especially on and after March 8 when voting begins. We have a great shot at winning this title, please help us!”

“Our little town has been through so much and this would just boost morale and let people know who we are,” Borenheim adds.

This Saturday Feb. 12 is Hockey Day in Canada, and Mackenzie is are celebrating with Pond Hockey on Morfee Lake.

“Two rinks have been continuously cleared and flooded for this day of fun,” says Borenheim.

Bornenheim asks people to check out: and ask to be invited to our Facebook page to stay updated.

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