‘You’ll Be There’ is a local effort to help girls who can’t otherwise afford it to get all dolled up for prom.

‘You’ll Be There’ is a local effort to help girls who can’t otherwise afford it to get all dolled up for prom.

Let your gown go to prom, again

Donate your slightly used grad gown so a girl who can't afford one can still go to prom with her friends

As students are getting ready to celebrate graduation and the culmination of all their hard work to get this far, some won’t be able to have fun along with their friends due to financial constraints.

Some families are just managing to get by each month, and the expense of graduation is just too much.

These girls will proudly walk across the stage to get their diploma but when their friends are getting ready for prom, they will be left out.

Darlene Reid started buying grad dresses, shoes and all the accessories that girls need for prom four years ago for girls in need.

“It’s a bit like Vancouver’s Cinderella Project but on a much smaller scale and ran more personally,” says Reid about her project that she’s named “You’ll Be There.”

There have been very generous people in town that have donated beautiful grad dresses, bridesmaid dresses, shoes etc. for the girls and incredibly generous business people that have donated dry cleaning, hair, and nails etc., she says. Without them, the girls would not have the amazing experience that they have, she adds.

Right now, there is a need for gowns size 12 to 16; however, all sizes are always needed and welcomed, she says.

So far, the girls who have received a helping hand from “You’ll be there” have all been given dresses and everything else they needed and have looked and felt beautiful.

“It’s a guarantee that if you do have an item or two to donate that they will go to a girl who will love them as much as you did and feel like you did when you wore it,” says Reid.

If you happen to have, or know someone who has, a dress, shoes, or anything else that may be used by the girls, it can be dropped off at M&M Meat Shops or call Darlene at 975-0789 and arrangements can be made to have donations picked up.

If you are in Terrace, Kitimat or Prince Rupert and need a dress etc., call or text 975-0789 and Darlene will be happy to set up a private fitting for you.