‘Home wrecker’ to stand trial

Law Day is April 10 and a special supreme court trial takes place at the Terrace courthouse.

A suspect who allegedly destroyed three homes, leaving three residents homeless, in what police are calling “three nights of senseless vandalism” goes on trial next week.

Terrace RCMP arrested the suspect, who will remain in custody until his day in court, reported police recently.

“It was fortunate that in each of these incidents, the occupants of the residences fled prior to the collapse of the homes,” says Const. Angela Rabut, Terrace RCMP community policing/media relations officer.

Terrace RCMP were called to the first incident on Straw St. where the resident told them a stranger had knocked on his door asking to be let in.

When he refused, the stranger became belligerent and threatening, mentioning “blow” several times, leading police to believe the suspect’s actions may have been drug related.

Then the resident heard suspicious noises and his home began to tremble. In fright, he ran out and fled to a relative’s home on Mud Ave. and the house collapsed shortly after.

Terrace RCMP were called to the second incident on Mud Ave. the next day.

The homeowner said he was inside having dinner with his brother when they heard knocking on the front door and somebody demanding to be let in.

His brother said the voice was similar to what he heard the prior night at his own residence just before it was tragically destroyed.

The pair fled to their relative’s home on Brick Ave, again narrowly escaping the residence as it collapsed.

Terrace RCMP was on patrol near Brick Ave. the third day when an officer observed an offender known to police destroying a home on Brick Ave. The three occupants were able to escape the home without injury.

Police promptly arrested the vandal but it was too late, for the home, sadly, collapsed.

“The seriousness of these events is extremely concerning. The full resources of the justice system are working on this case to bring it to its conclusion in an expedited fashion,” said Rabut. “The vandal has agreed to stand trial on April 10 at 4:30 p.m. at the Terrace Courthouse.”

Two charges of mischief not exceeding $5,000 and one charge of mischief exceeding $5,000 were forwarded to Crown counsel and approved. The case will take place in supreme court here and will be heard by Mr. Justice Darryl Wightman.

“The public is encouraged to attend this trial and in the process, observe firsthand the workings of our justice system,” said Rabut.

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April 10 is Law Day and local crown and defence counsel are mentoring Caledonia law students to be crown and defence in the ‘trial’ of the Big Bad Wolf, the closing event of the day.

Also that day will be a barbecue and displays by law enforcement and related fields.

The trial will include testimony from the three little pigs, the victims of the alleged crimes; Const. Scarlett Serge, the officer who arrested the accused and gathered evidence from the scene; and the defence has expert Dr. Doo Little to testify on its behalf.

As with all criminal cases, the trial will be overseen by a judge, clerk and sheriffs and exhibits will be shown, including the accused’s alleged criminal record.

For more details on Law Day and the impending trial of the century, see the Community Calendar on page 20.