‘Friends’ get together to support the library

A NEW group will be advocating for, and supporting, the local library.

A NEW group will be advocating for, and supporting, the local library.

The Friends of the Terrace Public Library is just in its infancy and is getting going with a couple of information sessions.

“We’ve recognized for a few years now that we could really use some volunteer help to help with everything from public relations to fundraising,” said Patti Chapman, who’s the library board chair, adding there’s never enough people and never enough hours to do everything.

Friends of the Library is a Canada-wide organization and can help the local group get started if needed, says Chapman.

“It’s not a spinoff of the [library] board or anything like that, but friends groups usually exist to support the libraries.”

One of the main ideas is to increase the public awareness of the library and what it offers, to help advocate when it needs a program or is having problems maintaining services, she says.

The group will probably fundraise and that could be for specific things the library might have on its wish list, such as reading room furniture or special children’s books, says Chapman.

At the first information meeting Oct. 4, about a dozen people signed up, which is a really nice core group, she says.

“A few others indicated they wanted to sign up but couldn’t come,” says Chapman.

“There’s always room for volunteers to join because people participate at different levels and some are only are interested in doing specific types of things.”

The group could include young people.

One person at the informational meeting knew of a teen interested in joining.

“They can help us aim things in that direction,” says Chapman.

The next information session is Nov. 1 at 7 p.m. And it will be to  get set up for the first formal meeting in January, she says.

“We’re excited for it,” says Chapman.

“The sky’s the limit,” she says about what the group can do.

“They can do anything from hosting an author reading, maybe attending with a booth in the farmers market or at club signup. Whatever they can think of.”