AILEEN FRANK celebrated her 99th birthday with family and friends in Chilliwack March 1. She lived in Terrace for 72 years before moving south.

AILEEN FRANK celebrated her 99th birthday with family and friends in Chilliwack March 1. She lived in Terrace for 72 years before moving south.

Former Terrace resident celebrates 99th birthday

Aileen Frank lived here for 72 years before moving south.

Aileen Frank celebrated her 99th birthday on Friday, March 1, at a family dinner gathering that brought together 27 people including three generations of family in Coquitlam.

Aileen, a former Terrace teacher and former resident for 72 years, looked radiant as she celebrated the occasion with a delicious dinner, a glass of wine, a shot of Bailey’s and, of course, a birthday cake.

Although it was a huge birthday cake, there definitely was not enough room for 99 candles! Aileen stood and graciously thanked everyone who came to celebrate with her.

She could not believe that she was 99 and wondered what happened to 98!! As it was the first time the restaurant had hosted a 99th birthday party, staff took a picture of Aileen to post on its bulletin board – perhaps she will appear on the Coquitlam ABC Family Restaurant’s website!

Several family members shared their favourite childhood stories and memories of times spent with their mom/grandmother/aunt but one thing all the family agreed on was Aileen’s peanut butter cookies were the best!!

She credits her longevity to the good clean air in Terrace, the fresh vegetables and fruit from her garden, the good milk from the family dairy and especially to all the good times with her family and friends that she enjoyed during her 72 years of living in Terrace.

Aileen’s residence smelled like a flower shop with several gorgeous floral arrangements.

She received phone calls from family who couldn’t be with her and lots of beautiful cards and notes bearing special birthday wishes from her family and from many of her wonderful friends from Terrace and/or formerly from Terrace as well as from some of her former students.

Although no longer able to put her thoughts to paper, Aileen sends her gratitude and thanks to everyone who sent a remembrance to her including all those in Terrace, who signed the Happy Gang card and the old 1934 school photo of her first year teaching in Terrace!

Thank you all!!!

Family members who came to the family dinner included two of Aileen’s four children, one of her nephews, eight of her 10 grandchildren (one came from Calgary for the occasion), and six of her seven great-grandchildren.

Those joining in the celebration were her daughter Patricia with husband Jack and Aileen’s youngest son Bob; Aileen’s grandchildren and their partners including Shannon and Ron, Shelley and Dan, Lara, Christi and Lee, James and Becca, Karen, Kyle, and Deanne and Cully; Aileen’s great grandchildren including Baylee, Katie and her friend Cody, Danae and her school friend Claire, Elyse, Skylar and baby Calder; and Aileen’s nephew Gordon and his partner Marelyn.

Sending their best wishes but unable to attend were Aileen’s other two sons and wives Jim and Heather and Norman and Linda, and daughter-in-law Judy; Aileen’s granddaughter, Lisa, grandson Jason and wife Pam and their daughter Holland (Aileen’s great granddaughter), and grandson-in-law Marty (who was celebrating his grandmother’s 93rd birthday in Ontario that same day); Aileen’s nephews Don and wife Pat from Toronto and Dick and wife Sharon from Penticton; and from England her relatives Mary and son Mark and Neil and wife Linda.

Now, Aileen is looking forward to celebrating her 100th in 2014!