Father and son try to ‘mend fences’ after 13 years

PARENTS MAY not know how to relate to their children and vice versa and Terrace Little Theatre's latest production takes that to the limit.

DREW COMES to visit his father Harry after 13 years apart in Terrace Little Theatre's production of Norm Foster's Mending Fences opening tonight at the McConnell Playhouse. He also meets his father's girlfriend Virginia.

PARENTS MAY not know how to relate to their children as they get older and vice versa and Terrace Little Theatre’s latest production takes that to the limit.

In Mending Fences, Harry choose to stay put on his Saskatchewan farm while his wife and son move away.

Thirteen years passes and he doesn’t know how to relate to his son Drew when Drew decides to come stay with him after all these years and see what’s Harry’s all about.

Harry’s girlfriend Virginia helps them realize the importance of family and each other.

Director Chris Stone says it’s a fun play and chose to do it because it’s a Norm Foster play.

I read it and thought ‘ok, it’s good.’ It’s better than good,” he said.

Flashbacks help show how events from the past influence where Harry and Drew are today, he said.

Heather Zanardo, who plays the multiple roles of Virginia, Harry’s wife Lori and Harry’s mother hopes men and women will come to see the play.

It’s for women and men. It’s not just a chick flick,” she says.

Preparing for the roles provided the challenge of developing three characters, even though they don’t spend much time on stage.

Challenge is what I like in a role and a great cast, working with such talented people,” she says of Phil Bialobzysk and Jonathan Stone.

All of the actors play multiple characters: Bialobzysk plays Harry and Harry’s dad while Stone plays Harry’s son Drew, young Harry and young Drew.

I think one of the reason I really like the play is it explores the relationship between Harry and Drew,” said Stone.

Bialobzysk says Harry is pretty close to him: both are farmers, live alone, have family that live elsewhere and the setting kind of looks like his place.

The whole process is such a fun time. Working with these people is great and I hope people come to see the play and enjoy it as much as I did in the process of getting it up,” he says.

Mending Fences opens tonight at the McColl Playhouse.

Tickets are on sale at Uniglobe Courtesy Travel.