Fall fair rules

HERE ARE the Skeena Valley Fall Fair 2012 Entry Categories & Standards.

HERE ARE the Skeena Valley Fall Fair 2012 Entry Categories & Standards.

Exhibits are to be brought to the Thornhill Community Centre on Century Road between the hours of 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday, September 7. Entry forms available at the hall or on the website skeenavalleyfallfair.com. No late entries will be accepted.

All entries:  25 cents

Vegetable Judging Standards:

All exhibits must be displayed on paper plates.

Variety names should be indicated if possible.

Exhibits should be uniform in size, form, colour and quality.

Condition should be good—firm, mature and not past prime.

Colour:  bright, attractive.  Size:  moderate, not large

Onions:  5, roots and tops, ½ inch from bulb, loose skin removed, outer skin intact

Other bulb vegetables:  shallot, leek, garlic:  5, tops trimmed, loose skin removed, outer skin intact

Flower Vegetable – Cauliflower, broccoli:  2 heads, leaves trimmed

Fruit Vegetable:

i. Tomato:  3, ripe, stems on

ii.Cucumber:  2

Pumpkin:  1

Zucchini:  1

Leaf Vegetable:  Lettuce, Cabbage, Spinach:  2 heads or bunches

Beets:  5, roots intact, tops off ½ inch above crown

Carrots:  5, tops off ½ inch above crown

Seed vegetables –  Beans and Peas:  12 pods

Potatoes:  5, do not wash, clean with soft brush

Herbs:  4 kinds, tied in bunches, displayed in water-filled container, labeled

Other:  any other locally-grown vegetable

Oddest-shaped vegetable:  People’s Choice

Fruit Judging Standards:

All exhibits displayed on paper plates.

Variety named if possible.

Colour should be typical of the variety.

Wipe fruits just before displaying, and do not wax or polish.

Fruits should be free from blemishes:  insect, disease injuries, etc.

i.  Apples:  5, stems on

ii. Pears:  5, stems on

Berries:  12, stems on

Stone Fruit – Plums, Peaches, Apricots:  5, stems on, do not wipe

Nuts grown in Skeena Valley:  5

Most exotic fruit grown in Skeena Valley:  People’s Choice


Largest chicken egg

Smallest chicken egg

Oddest  egg – People’s Choice


All cut flowers should be displayed in clear glass containers.  Please bring your own used bottles, jars, etc. that are clean, of appropriate size and with labels removed.

Uniformity is very important.  Select blooms of the same colour and size whenever possible.

Cut stems as long as possible.  Do not use rocks or twist-ties to support flowers in their containers.

Sprays and cuts are to be complete with buds and leaves.  In other cases, buds and foliage should be moved unless otherwise stated.

Label your entries with the variety name for the benefit of the people who come to see the exhibits.  Education is our aim!

Be sure all flowers are free of insects.

Marigold:  3

Cosmos:  3 cuts

Gladiolus:  1 spike

Dahlia:  3 blooms

Sunflower:  1 large bloom, or most blooms on 1 head

Sweet Pea:  5 stems


i. Single:  1, foliage included

ii. Grouping:  2 stalks/sprays

Flowering Vine:  1 stalk, with leaves

Any variety (single)

Any variety (grouping):  3 stalks

Mixed flower arrangement locally-grown flowers:  People’s Choice

Tea-cup Bouquet:  People’s Choice


All goods must have been preserved within the last 18 months.

No decorative covers allowed.

Exhibits must be in 500 ml or 1 litre jars (or imperial pints & quarts) unless otherwise stated.

Jars must be sealed.  Unsealed jars will be automatically disqualified.

Jars must have metal rings on, loosened.

All canned goods must have a label on the side giving variety, name and date of canning, not on lids.

Fruit:  Canned fruits should have approximately 1/3 liquid and 2/3 fruit.

Vegetable:  Because of the danger of food poisoning, canned vegetables should never be tasted by the judges.


Fish: Because of the danger of food poisoning, canned fish should never be tasted by the judging.

Oils & Vinegars

Jams &Jellies

Most Unusual Canning – People’s Choice

Dried:  on paper plate, 7 pieces


ii.     Fruit


Entries must be exhibited in 1-pint/500 ml jars.

All exhibits must be product of the exhibitor.

Home Baking:

Use standard-sized pans for loaves.

Cookies, squares should be uniform in size, squares should be neatly cut.

Entries must be exhibited on paper plates.

Cover your baking with clear plastic.  Cakes would be best displayed on foil-covered cardboard, with plastic supported by toothpicks.

Commercial mixes not allowed.

Attached recipe is appreciated, not needed.

Cakes:  Fruit and chiffon cakes should not be iced, but may be decorated/glazed.

Pies:  Fillings should be home-made.

Cookies:  6

Squares:  6

Breads:  1 loaf

Sweet Breads:  1 loaf

Best-decorated Cake:  People’s Choice

Arts and Crafts:

Work by amateurs welcomed and encouraged.

Only ONE entry per exhibitor allowed in each class.

Visible signature on all exhibits must be covered.

All themes accepted.  “Skeena Valley Fall Fair:  Past, Present and Future” preferred.

a.   Painting: all medium

b.    Drawing: pencil, crayon, marker, graphite, etc.

c.     Collage: mixed media, paper/fabric scraps, etc.

d.    Woodworking

e.     Paper based creations: flowers, iris folding, origami, etc.

f.     Jewelry: bead making, gimp, fimo, hemp

g.    Up-cycled: most creative re-use of material to make something new – People’s Choice

h.     Other: metal craft, felting, etc.

Local Craft and Nature Finds:

Judged on: quality of presentation, craftsmanship

a.   Wild flowers – pressed & labeled

b. Cedar Bark Craft: hat, roses, baskets, etc.

c. Local wild mushrooms

Most creative use of a natural item – People’s Choice


Judged on: general appearance, material, craftsmanship

Best of Quilting – People’s Choice

a.   Strip Piecing

b.   Paper Piecing

c.   Applique

Needle Arts:

Judged on: general appearance, material, craftsmanship

Best of Needle Arts – People’s Choice

a.  Weaving

b.   Knitting/Crochet

c.   Needlework

d.   Sewing


Judged on: quality of craftsmanship and artistry

Best of Pottery – People’s Choice

a.     Mug

b.     Bowl

c.     Other


Topic: Skeena Valley Fall Fair: Past, Present, and Future

Judged on: overall strength of submission (creativity, form, structure/plot, grammar, spelling and use of language)

Best of Writing: People’s Choice

a.     Short Story – up to 700 words

b.     Poetry

Best Scarecrow:

Scarecrows must be built from recycled articles, be life-sized and have some means of support

People’s Choice

Zucchini Racing:

Entry for Zucchini racing can be made no later than half an hour before race (2:30 p.m. for 3 p.m. race Sunday, September 9)

** Wheels may be made of anything but must attach directly to zucchini:

1. Axle shaft must penetrate the zucchini. The zucchini cannot be strapped to an external carriage.

2. Register your Zucchini car at the Exhibition Hall (Thornhill Community Centre) Friday between 4 – 8 p.m.

3. Zucchinis can be any size.

4. The racing is in heats: the fastest car from each heat will race off to decide the over-all winner.

5. All ages are encouraged to enter and fun must be had by all!


a.    Fastest

b.    Furthest

c.     Best Decorated – People’s Choice


Brought to you by the Photography Club of Terrace.

Just for Children:

Entries from Children 1-12 years of age only! All categories are People’s Choice.

a.    Vegetable Creation: Use different vegetables to piece together an imaginative creation/creature (use toothpicks to attach pieces), label with brief description of creation

b. Smallest Vegetable

c. Biggest Vegetable

d.   Lego Creation: any creation around theme (Skeena Valley Fall Fair: Past, Present, Future), labeled with brief description of creation.

e. Local/Nature inspired Art: leaf rubbing, seed drawing, painting of local scenes, etc.

f. Contents of Little Red Riding Hood’s Basket to take to Grandma’s House


You can download the registration form on the website www.skeenavalleyfallfair.com or fill one in  on Friday, September 7, from 4 to 8 pm at the Thornhill Community Hall.

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