Bravo: Music festival celebrates northwest talent

THE 47TH Pacific Northwest Music Festival closed with one of the best galas in a long time, if not the best ever.

THIS YEAR'S Pacific Northwest Music Festival scholarship recipients include

THE 47TH Pacific Northwest Music Festival closed with one of the best galas in a long time, if not the best ever.

That’s the word form emcee George Clark, who has been at the helm of gala night for many years.

“It was all around a special evening. The pool of talent just seems to get bigger and bigger,” said Clark.

“It was amazing when Rheann [Armes] performed. She wasn’t due to but, after the scholarship night, it was decided she should take part,” he added about the young singer’s comeback performance after a few years away from the festival. The gala night is without all the pressure of adjudication, he said.

Clark said he spoke to a couple of the adjudicators and they seem to regard the music festival as one of the best festivals, which is due to the organizers.

Music festival president Bonnie Juniper was very pleased.

“The festival was amazing,” she said, adding the adjudicators were “top notch” and all were “very well received.”

Vocal adjudicator Katherine van Kampen was so impressed with everything she saw here that she returns this summer to teach a music theatre camp and is donating her entire chorale music library to Terrace.

“It’s a wonderful legacy, It’s good for school choirs, church choirs,” said Juniper.

“All the adjudicators commented on the non-competitive aspect of the festival. It’s always something they’re blown away by because our kids don’t just say ‘I did better than you,’ and ‘Here’s all my awards,’” said Juniper, adding the participants congratulate each other on their performances.

“I’m really, really proud of that because that’s how I want music to be viewed.”

Congratulations to the 47th Pacific Northwest Music Festival participants.

The following is a complete list of award winners.


Brass – Intermediate Instrumental, Crystal Thomas Award – $150, Cael Geier, Terrace

Brass – Sr. Instrumental, Order of the Royal Purple Lodge 216 Award – $200, Andrew Johnstone, Terrace

Dance – Jr., Flynn Award – $100, Emily Jack, Prince Rupert

Dance – Intermediate, Cote Award – $150, Hannah Cam, Prince Rupert

Dance – Sr., Gemmas Boutiques Award – $200, Emily Hart, Terrace

Guitar – Intermediate Instrumental, Rotary Club of Terrace Award – $150, Ella Martindale, Terrace

Piano – Jr., Terrace Academy of Music Award – $100, James Ryeburn, Prince Rupert

Piano – Intermediate, Northern Industries Ltd. Award – $150, Sandra Yoo, Terrace

Piano – Sr., Al Lehmann Award – $100, Sara Weeres, Kitimat

Piano – Sr., Acadia Northwest Mechanical Award – $100, Sara Weeres, Kitimat

Speech Arts – Jr., Park Avenue Medical Clinic Award  – $100, Sophia Zanardo, Terrace

Speech Arts – Intermediate, Dr. J. D. Zucchiatti – $150, Teah Wilken, Kitimat

Speech Arts – Sr., The Northern Motor Inn Award – $200, Nathan Closter, Terrace

Strings – Jr. Instrumental, Canadian Tire Award – $100, Julia Yoo, Terrace

Strings – Intermediate Instrumental, Terrace Vision Care Award – $150, Sandra Yoo, Terrace

Vocal – Jr., Ginny Lowrie Award – $100, Payton Prevost, Terrace

Vocal – Intermediate, Park Avenue Medical Clinic Award – $150, Graeme Linton, Terrace

Vocal – Sr., Leah Owens Memorial Award – $200, Sarah Wyatt, Terrace

Woodwind – Jr. Instrumental, Terrace Community Band – $100, Tim Zettler, Terrace

Woodwind – Intermediate Instrumental, The Jim Steele Memorial Award – $150, Katie Hollett, Terrace

Woodwind – Sr. Instrumental, Alice Chen-Wing Memorial Award – $200, Saskia Hart, Terrace



Most Outstanding Jr. Performer, Terrace Water Polo Association, $250, Julia Yoo, Terrace

Most Outstanding Intermediate Performer, Rio Tinto Alcan, $500, Anna Linton, Terrace

Most Outstanding Sr. Performer, Knights of Columbus, $1,000, Rheann Armes, Terrace



Dr. REM Lee Band Award Senior Stage Band – $100 Smithers Secondary Senior Jazz Band

McDaniel Trophy Junior Stage Band Skeena Jazz Band

McDonalds Restaurant Trophy Level B200 or B300 Band Mount Elizabeth Secondary School

Rio Tinto Alcan Trophy Most Promising Band, Level B400 Skeena Concert Band

Terrace Community Band Trophy Grade 6 – 8 Band Uplands Elementary/ Ecole Mountainview/ Cassie Hall Grade6

XI Beta Mu Trophy Most Promising Band, Levels B500 & B600 Terrace Community Band



Elan Travel Ltd. Award Highest Mark Brass Solo, Senior to Open – $100 Andrew Johnstone

Rotary Club of Terrace Award – Percussion Highest Mark Percussion – $75 Chance Soden

Superior Linen Award Highest Mark Brass Solo, Junior to Intermediate – $75 Peter Nicholson



Bank of Montreal Trophy Secondary School Choir (Adjudicators Choice) Caledonia Pop Choir

Prince Rupert Rotary Club Award – Choir Community and Church Choirs (Adjudicators Choice) – $100 Pacific Mist Chorus

Rotary Club of Terrace Award – Choir Primary School Choir – $100 Veritas Voices

Terrace Kinsman Trophy Elementary School Choir Uplands Elementary Vocal Ensemble



All Season Source for Sports Award – Dance Highest Mark Junior Jazz Dance Solo – $50 Emily Jack

Art in Motion Award – Ballet Highest Mark Classical Ballet Group – $75 Contemporary Collective – “Moonlight”

Art in Motion Award – Contemporary Highest Mark Contemporary Solo – $75 Emily Hart

Art in Motion Award – Contemporary Duet or Trio Highest Mark Contemporary Duet or Trio – $100 Justine Venditelli / Jessica Bruce

Art in Motion Award – Stage, Highest Mark Intermediate Stage Dance Group – $75 Contemporary Collective – “Nobody Said it was Easy”

Cafenara Coffee Shop Award – Dance Highest Mark Senior Jazz Dance Solo – $100 Ann Duong

Cedar River Physiotherapy Award – Variety Highest Mark Variety Dance Solo – $75 Lola Clouthier

Cedar River Physiotherapy Award – Ballet Highest Mark Ballet Musical Interpretation Solo – $75 Emily Hart

Cedar River Physiotherapy Award – Modern Highest Mark Modern Dance Solo – $75 Maisson Gill

Cedar River Physiotherapy Award – Tap Highest Mark Tap Dance Solo – $75 Tea Archibald

Comfort Award Highest Mark Dance Duet or Trio – $75 Contemporary Collective – “I’m there too”

Dance Academy of Prince Rupert Award – Ballet Highest Mark Classical Ballet Solo – 10 and under – $50 Janae Christiansen

Dance Academy of Prince Rupert Award – Music Theatre Highest Mark Music Theatre Dance Solo – $75 Gianna Evans

Dance Academy of Prince Rupert Award – Song/Dance Highest Mark Song and Dance Solo – $75 Lola Clouthier

McAlpine & Co Award Highest Mark Original Dance Choreography – $50 Celine Foote / Bronte Pike

McDonalds Restaurants Award – Dance Highest Mark Senior Stage Dance Groups – $100 Contemporary Collective “Dirty Orchestra”

Prince Rupert Arts Council Trophy Highest Mark Classical Ballet Solo – 11 and 12 Emily Jack

Prince Rupert Rotary Club Award – Dance Highest Mark Street or Acrobatic Dance – $75 Hannah Graham

Prince Rupert Rotary Club Award – Lyrical Highest Mark Junior Lyrical Solo – $75 Emily Jack

Quantum Helicopters Award Highest Mark Jazz Music Interpretation Solo – $100 Caitlyn Seeley

Rotary Club of Terrace Trophy – Dance Highest Mark Junior Stage Dance Group, Matrix – “Out of this World”

Sophia’s School of Dance Award – Lyrical Highest Mark Senior Lyrical Solo – $100 Hannah Cam / Brenna Metzmeier

Sophia’s School of Dance Award – Modern Highest Mark Modern Musical Interpretation – $100 Caitlyn Seeley

Spectrum City Dance Award Highest Mark Jazz Group – $100 E-Motion – “Whispers

Woodd Family Award Highest Mark Classical Ballet – 13 to Open – $100 Emily Hart



Acadia Northwest Mechanical Award – Guitar Highest Mark Non Classical Guitar Solo – $50 Solomon Johnson

High Mountain Tonewood Award Highest Mark Intermediate to Open Classical Guitar Solo – Connor Taylor


Phillips Family Award Highest Mark Classical Guitar, Duet, Trios, Ensembles – Parkside Guitar Ensemble


Tchersoussoff Trophy – Highest Marks in Junior Classical Guitar Solo – Ella Martindale



Anne Townsend Trophy Grades K-7 Enthusiasm and Musicality – Adjudicators Choice Veritas Grade 4

Flying Fish Award Highest Mark Original Composition (Music, Vocal, or Speech) Sophia Zanardo – $50

James MacFarlane Memorial Award Best Overall Adult/Child Presentation – $75 Hollett Family/ Simpson Family

Nenninger Family Award Highest Mark Older Beginners – $75 Ben Anker



Al Lehmann Award – Piano Highest Mark Senior Baroque Composers – $50 Eunbee Kang

All Season Source for Sports Award – Piano Highest Mark Junior Canadian Composers – $50 Hannah Durrant

Allan Dubeau Award Highest Mark Senior 20th Century Composers – $100 Taylor Reese-Hansen

Carlyle Shepherd & Co Award Highest Mark, over 85, Senior Piano – $100 James Ryeburn

Dr. and Mrs. Appleton Award – Baroque Highest Mark Senior Baroque Composers – $50 Eunbee Kang

Dr. and Mrs. Appleton Award – Sonata Highest Mark Sonata or Concert Group – $100 Duncan McClenagan

Eugene H. Thomas Award Highest Mark Senior Bach – $125 Andrea Pedro

Frank Froese Memorial Award Highest Mark Junior Bach – $100 David Leite

Geier Waste Services Award Highest Mark Senior Canadian Composers – $100 Sandra Yoo

J. Coosemans Award Highest Mark Romantics – Other than German – $75 Lyndsay Silvestre

Janet Felber Trophy Highest Mark Junior Piano Conservatory Tiyanee Stevens

Kitimat Music Scholarship Society Award – Piano Highest Mark Sonatina – $100 Steven Horianopoulas

Nechako Northcoast Construction Award – Piano Highest Mark, over 85, Junior Piano – $50 Marcus Cervo-Hosein

Northern Savings Credit Union Award Highest Mark Piano Duets – $150 Eunbee Kang / Sandra Yoo

Noteworthy Piano Service Award Highest Mark Junior Baroque Composers – $75 Daniel Yoo

Park Avenue Medical Clinic Award – Piano Highest Mark Chopin – $75 Sandra Yoo

Park Optometry Highest Mark Popular Selections – $75 Alannah Murtonen

Pizza Hut Award Highest Mark French Impressionists – $75 Sara Weeres

Prince Rupert Rotary Club Award – Piano Highest Mark Beethoven – $75 Elena Goddard

Royal Canadian Legion Branch #13 Award Highest Mark Intermediate Piano Conservatory – $50 Chelsea Frazer

Terrace Kinsmen Award Highest Mark Junior 20th Century Composers – $75 Julia Yoo

The Ray Johnson Award Highest Mark Senior Piano Conservatory – $100 Sara Weeres

Tim Hortons Award Highest Mark Intermediate 20th Century Composers – $75 Marrick Zips

Warner Bandstra Brown Award Highest Mark German Romantics – $100 Anna Linton

Wightman & Smith Insurance Award Highest Mark Mozart and Haydn – $75 James Ryeburn


Speech Arts

Canadian Tire Award – Speech Arts Highest Mark Public Speaking 12 Years Old and Up – $100 Sophia Zanardo

Crampton Personal Law Corp Award Highest Mark Dramatic Poetry – Duos and Trios – $75 Hannah Durrant / Katherine Oscovai

Eila and Glenys George Award Highest Mark Public Speaking – 11 year olds – $50 Kallie Edwards

Michael Strymecki Memorial Trophy Highest Mark Choral Speaking (Kindergarten to Gr 3) Veritas Grade 3

Mike and Joan Brady Award Highest Mark Spoken Poetry (Lyric) Senior – $100 Chelsea Frazer

Misty River Books Award – Poetry Highest Mark Spoken Poetry (Lyric) Intermediate – $75 Renzo Zanardo

Misty River Books Award – Storytelling Highest Mark Storytelling – $75 Leksie Frazer

On Cue Players Award – 12 and under Highest Mark Canadian Poetry – 12 and under – $100 Sophia Zanardo

On Cue Players Award – 13 and over Highest Mark Canadian Poetry – 13 and over – $130 Teah Wilken

Prince Rupert Rotary Club Award – Speech Arts Highest Mark Dramatic Poetry Intermediate to Senior – $75 Peter Nicholson

Robin McColl Memorial Trophy Highest Mark Spoken Poetry (Lyric) Junior Tiyanee Stevens

Rotary Club of Terrace Award – Speech Arts Highest Mark Dramatic Poetry Junior – $50 Jenaya Furtado

Royal Bank Trophy Highest Mark Choral Speaking (Grades 4 to Open) Uplands Grade 4

Terrace Concert Society Award Highest Mark Prose – $100 Teah Wilken

Terrace Little Theatre Trophy Highest Mark Dramatic Scenes Teah Wilken

Terrace Ministerial Association Award Highest Mark Bible Reading Solo Charlotte McKay

The Eila George Award Highest Mark Public Speaking – 10 year olds – $50 Brynja Sandhals



Cafenara Coffee Shop Award – Strings Highest Mark Strings Conservatory – $100 Sandra Yoo

Carters Jewellers Award Highest Mark Strings – Junior – $50 Malcolm Neifer

Eagle Ridge Forestry Award Highest Mark Harp – Intermediate and Senior – $100 Michaela Julseth

Royal Bank Award Highest Mark Intermediate Strings – $50 Dalen Ewald

Royal Canadian Legion Ladies Auxiliary Award Highest Mark Senior Strings – $100 Sandra Yoo

Telus Award Highest Mark Junior Harp – $50 Julia Yoo

Terrace Symphony Orchestra Highest Mark Strings Duets, Trios or Ensembles – $100 Inverary Music Harp Ensemble



Bandstra Transportation Award Highest Mark Vocal Conservatory Classes – $100 Rheann Armes

Dr. B. L. Phillips Award Highest Mark Classical Vocal Duets, Trios, Ensembles – $100 Inverary Music Vocal Ensemble

Kitimat Concert Association Award Highest Mark Pop Vocal – $100 Inverary Music Senior Vocal Ensemble /

Inverary Music Trio

Mr. Mike’s West Coast Grill Award Highest Mark Junior Music Theatre – $50 Julia Yoo

National Car Rental Award Highest Mark Junior Vocal Solo – $50 Payton Prevost

Nechako Northcoast Construction Award – Vocal Highest Mark Intermediate Music Theatre – $75 Katie Hollett

Rotary Club of Terrace Award – Vocal Highest Mark Music Theatre Duet, Trio, Ensembles – $150 Inverary Music Vocal Ensemble

Spotless Cleaners Award Highest Mark Intermediate Vocal Solo – $75 Graeme Linton

Theatre Alive Society Award Highest Mark Senior Music Theatre – $100 Sarah Wyatt

Totem Furniture & Appliances Award Highest Mark Senior Vocal Solo – $100 Sarah Wyatt



Acadia Northwest Mechanical Award – Highest Mark Woodwind Conservatory Solo – $100 Jeremiah Baker

Bank of Montreal Award Highest Mark Woodwind Solo, Junior – $50 Alexandra Robinson

Nenninger Family Award – Highest Mark Woodwind Duets, Trios and Ensembles – $100 Inverary Senior Trio

Terrace and District Arts Council Award Highest Mark Woodwind Solo, Intermediate to Open – $75 Anna Linton

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