Boy pays it forward in Terrace, B.C.

Six-year-old wants to help other kids who also need medical treatment

Kimmunity Angels Society president Donna Slavik with Alastair McFetridge

Kimmunity Angels Society president Donna Slavik with Alastair McFetridge

A boy who had a brain tumour removed to end his frequent seizures paid it forward by donating his birthday money to a local organization who helps people with finances so they can travel to needed medical treatment.

Alistair McFetridge, 6, walked up to the door of Donna Slavik, president and founder of Kimmunity Angels Society and donated $32 to the society.

He said he wanted it to go to another kid that needs help,” said Slavik.

The money came from his two toonie birthday party, said his mom Andrea Cherchas.

Andrea said that Alistair had a brain tumor that was causing him to have frequent seizures and to lose vision in his right eye during the past year.

We have travelled to Vancouver a lot for medical reasons, most recently in July when he had his tumor removed,” she said.

We are so fortunate that we can afford to do this without financial strain and we have family to stay with in Vancouver.

We often think about and talk about how much of a struggle it must be for some families to have their medical needs met and this just shouldn’t be the case.”

Slavik said his donation brought tears to her eyes.

“His family just discovered the tumor is benign and they are pretty happy about that news,” said Slavik.

Kimmunity Angels Society, started by Slavik in 2014 in honour of her friend Kim Kaye, who’s battling brain cancer, was founded with the mission “to promote health by providing financial assistance to seriously ill individuals who are disadvantaged to offset the cost of medical treatment, equipment and travel to attend medical appointments.”

And all money raised stays within the community of Terrace and area.