All of the award winners at the 49th Pacific Northwest Music Festival pose together.

49th Pacific Northwest Music Festival winners

Festival comments from adjudicators and festival committee president Bonnie Juniper gives her perspective on how successful it was.

The Pacific Northwest Music Festival 2014 came to a close after a very successful 16 days.

“Each venue was very well attended by supporting parents, grandparents and friends so much so that adjudicators commented about that fact,” said festival committee president Bonnie Juniper.

“One even asked ‘what do you put in the water here?’ when seeing how many students participated in the speech arts classes.”

We are known throughout the province as a wonderful festival, said Juniper.

Our volunteers are second to none, we are very well organized, we have a very large support network of patrons and sponsors, and we publish a program that includes all the festival classes, she said, adding that in many communities there is only a photocopied sheet available on a daily basis.

“The number of awards given out is astounding, and all supported by the communities of Terrace, Kitimat and Prince Rupert,” said Juniper.

Entries this year were more than 1,200.

This year many of our festival participants will graduate, and head off to school, she said, adding that many have taken part in this festival since they were six or seven-years-old, and as they have grown up we have all watched and supported them in what they do.

“It will very hard to see them go, but they represent our community and what we can offer in a very unique way,” said Juniper.

“We should be very proud of ‘our kids.'”

“And next year the music festival will celebrate its 50th anniversary!”

Plans are already underway to include many workshops and additional concerts given by adjudicators, and there will be different fundraisers throughout the year as well, she added.

In the fall, there will be a contest to design a special 50th anniversary banner, which will be displayed along the millennium train.

“As our mayor so aptly stated at the Saturday night Gala Concert April 12, our festival is a ‘cultural jewel’ in the northwest. We want it to REALLY sparkle next year!” she said.

Below is the complete list of scholarship and award winners from this year.


Dance – Intermediate 13 to 15-years-old, Cote Award – $150, Tylie Wong

Dance – Junior, Flynn Award – $100, Janae Christensen

Dance – Senior 16 to 25-years-old, Gemmas Boutiques Award – $200, Holly Watson

Guitar – Intermediate 13 to 15-years-old, Rotary Club of Terrace Award – $150, Deirdre Lind

Guitar – Junior 12-years-old and under, Copperside Foods Award – $100, Ty Giesbrecht

Guitar – Senior 16 to 25-years-old, Order of the Royal Purple Lodge 216 Award – $200, Conner Taylor

Piano – Intermediate 13 to 15-years-old, Crystal Thomas Award – $150, Nicole Hepting

Piano – Junior 12-years-old and under, Terrace Academy of Music Award – $100, David Leite

Speech Arts – Intermediate 13 to 15-years-old, Dr. J. D. Zucchiatti – $150, Sophia Zanardo

Speech Arts – Junior, Park Avenue Medical Clinic – $100, Tiyanee Stevens

Speech Arts – Senior, Munson Family Award – $200, Teah Wilken

Strings – Intermediate 13 to 15-years-old, Terrace Vision Care Award – $150, Malcolm Neifer

Strings – Junior 12-years-old and under, Canadian Tire Award – $100, Julia Yoo

Strings – Senior 16 to 25-years-old, Rona Centre Award, $200, Sandra Yoo

Vocal – Junior 12-years-old and under, Ginny Lowrie Award – $100, Brenna Axelson

Vocal – Intermediate, Park Avenue Medical Clinic – $150, Miranda Juergensen

Vocal – Senior, Leah Owens Memorial Award – $200, Graeme Linton

Woodwind – Intermediate 13 to 15-years-old, The Jim Steele Memorial Award – $150, Emily Barron

Woodwind – Senior, Alice Chen-Wing Memorial Award – $200, Anna Linton


Most Outstanding Jr. Performer, Munson Family Scholarship, $250, Julia Yoo

Most Outstanding Intermediate Performer, Rio Tinto Alcan, $500, Eunbee Kang

Most Outstanding Sr. Performer, Knights of Columbus, $1,000, Hannah-Shaira Cam


McDaniel Trophy, Junior Stage Band, Smithers Secondary School Junior Jazz Ensemble

McDonalds Restaurant Trophy, Level B200 or B300 Band, Skeena Middle School Concert Band

Munson Enterprises Award, Senior Stage Band – $500, Smithers Secondary School Senior Jazz Ensemble

Rio Tinto Alcan Trophy, Most Promising Band Level B400, Caledonia Concert Band

Terrace Community Band Trophy, Grade 6 – 8 Band, Mount Elizabeth Middle School Band

XI Beta Mu Trophy, Most Promising Band, Levels B500 & B600, Terrace Community Band


Geier Waste Services Award, Highest Mark Brass Duets Trios and Ensembles –  $100, Veritas School Grade 8


Bank of Montreal Trophy, Secondary School Choir (Adjudicators Choice), Caledonia Concert Choir

Prince Rupert Rotary Club Award – Choir, Community and Church Choirs (Adjudicators Choice) – $100, Inverary Music Vocal Ensemble (Female Chorus)

Rotary Club of Terrace Award – Choir, Primary School Choir – $100, Veritas Voices Children’s Choir

Terrace Kinsman Trophy, Elementary School Choir, Ecole Mountainview Ensemble


All Season Source for Sports Award – Dance, Highest Mark Junior Jazz Dance Solo – $50, Lola Clouthier

Art in Motion Award – Ballet, Highest Mark Classical Ballet Group – $75, E-Motion “Mad Geishas”

Art in Motion Award – Contemporary Solo, Highest Mark Contemporary Solo – $75, Hannah-Shaira Cam

Art in Motion Award – Contemporary Duet or Trio, Highest Mark Contemporary Duet or Trio – $100, Justina Venditelli and Jessica Bruce

Art in Motion Award – Stage, Highest Mark Intermediate Stage Dance Group – $75, Contemporary Collective “Hand to Mouth”

Cafenara Coffee Shop Award – Dance, Highest Mark Senior Jazz Dance Solo – $100, Hannah-Shaira Cam

Carlson Award, Highest Mark Jazz Musical Interpretation Solo – $100, Kennedy Gill

Cedar River Physiotherapy Award – Variety, Highest Mark Variety Dance Solo – $75, Taylor Jackson

Cedar River Physiotherapy Award – Ballet, Highest Mark Ballet Musical Interpretation Solo – $75, Gilliam Jardim

Cedar River Physiotherapy Award – Modern, Highest Mark Modern Dance Solo – $75, Jenny Nguyen

Cedar River Physiotherapy Award – Tap, Highest Mark Tap Dance Solo – $75, Tylie Wong

Comfort Award, Highest Mark Dance Duet or Trio – $75, Contemporary Collective “Bliss”

Dance Academy of Prince Rupert Award – Acrobatic, Highest Mark Acrobatic Solo – $50, Gilliam Jardim

Dance Academy of Prince Rupert Award – Ballet, Highest Mark Classical Ballet Solo – 10 and under – $50, Laura Fudger

Dance Academy of Prince Rupert Award – Music Theatre, Highest Mark Music Theatre Dance Solo – $50, Lola Clouthier

Dance Academy of Prince Rupert Award – Song/Dance, Highest Mark Song and Dance Solo – $50, Holly Watson

McAlpine & Co Award, Highest Mark Original Dance Choreography – $50, Gilliam Jardim

McDonalds Restaurants Award – Dance, Highest Mark Senior Stage Dance Groups – $100, Contemporary Collective “Young and Beautiful”

Prince Rupert Arts Council Trophy, Highest Mark Classical Ballet Solo – 11 and 12, Janae Christensen

Prince Rupert Rotary Club Award – Dance, Highest Mark Street Dance Solo – $75, Justina Venditelli

Prince Rupert Rotary Club Award – Lyrical Dance, Highest Mark Junior Lyrical Solo – $75, Karlie Fudger

Rotary Club of Terrace Trophy – Dance, Highest Mark Junior Stage Dance Group, Dance Unlimited “Baku”

Sophia’s School of Dance Award – Lyrical, Highest Mark Senior Lyrical Solo – $100, Hannah-Shaira Cam

Sophia’s School of Dance Award – Modern, Highest Mark Modern Musical Interpretation – $100, Sophia Franco

Spectrum City Dance Award, Highest Mark Jazz Group – $100, E-Motion “Run”

Woodd Family Award, Highest Mark Classical Ballet – 13 to Open – $100, Gilliam Jardim


Acadia Northwest Mechanical Award – Guitar, Highest Mark Non Classical Guitar Solo – $50, Bonina Marrelli

High Mountain Tonewood Award, Highest Mark Intermediate to Open Classical Guitar Solo – $100, Deirdre Lind

Phillips Family Award, Highest Mark Classical Guitar, Duet, Trios, Ensembles – $100, Na Aksa Gila Kyew

Tchernoussoff Trophy, Highest Mark Junior Classical Guitar Solo, Ty Giesbrecht


Anne Townsend Trophy, Grades K-7 Enthusiasm and Musicality – Adjudicators Choice, Veritas School Kindergarten

Flying Fish Award, Highest Mark Original Composition (Music, Vocal, or Speech) – $50, Sophia Zanardo

James MacFarlane Memorial Award, Best Overall Adult/Child Presentation – $75, Layla Kerr and Alyssa Kerr

Nenninger Family Award, Highest Mark Older Beginners – $75, Yohannes Vandenberg


Al Lehmann Award – Piano, Highest Mark Senior Baroque Composers – $50, Marrick Zips

All Season Source for Sports Award – Piano, Highest Mark Junior Canadian Composers – $50, Matthew McDicken

Allan Dubeau Award, Highest Mark Senior 20th and 21st Century Composers – $100, Benjamin Anker

Carlyle Shepherd & Co Award, Highest Mark, over 85, Senior Piano – $100, Eunbee Kang

Dr. and Mrs. Appleton Award,  Highest Mark Senior Baroque Composers – $50, Marrick Zips

Eugene H. Thomas Award, Highest Mark Senior Bach – $125, Eunbee Kang

Frank Froese Memorial Award, Highest Mark Junior Bach – $100, Pia Khaira

J. Coosemans Award, Highest Mark Romantics – Other than German – $75, Bryn Giesbrecht

Janet Felber Trophy, Highest Mark Junior Piano Conservatory, Nathan Bahr

Kitimat Music Scholarship Society Award, Highest Mark Sonatina – $100, David Leite

Nechako Northcoast Construction Award, Highest Mark, over 85, Junior Piano – $50, Marcus Cervo-Hosein

Northern Savings Credit Union Award, Highest Mark Piano Duets, Trios or Quartets – $150, David Leite, Victoria Stenson and Madison Sommerfeld

Noteworthy Piano Service Award, Highest Mark Junior Baroque Composers – $75, Alan Phuong

Park Avenue Medical Clinic Award, Highest Mark Chopin – $75, Nicole Hepting

Park Optometry, Highest Mark Popular Selections – $75, Luane Dorais-Fleming

Pizza Hut Award, Highest Mark French Impressionists – $75, Sarah Schuss

Prince Rupert Rotary Club Award, Highest Mark Beethoven – $75, Madison Sommerfeld

Ray Johnson Award, Highest Mark Senior Piano Conservatory – $100, Nicole Hepting

Rotary Club of Terrace Award, Highest Mark Intermediate Canadian Composers – $75, Julia Yoo

Royal Canadian Legion Branch #13 Award, Highest Mark Intermediate Piano Conservatory – $50, Marrick Zips

Terrace Kinsmen Award, Highest Mark Junior 20th and 21st Century Composers – $75, Matthew McDicken

Tim Hortons Award, Highest Mark Intermediate 20th and 21st Century Composers – $75, Kendra Ewald

Warner Bandstra Brown Award, Highest Mark German Romantics – $100, Karishma Sharma

Wightman & Smith Insurance Award, Highest Mark Mozart and Haydn – $75, Alan Phuong

Speech Arts

Canadian Tire Award – Speech Arts, Highest Mark Public Speaking – 12 Years Old and Up – $100, Sophia Zanardo

Crampton Personal Law Corp Award, Highest Mark Poetry and Prose – Duets and Trios – $75, Sasha Haldane, Hannah Link and Merrah Edwards

Eila and Glenys George Award, Highest Mark Public Speaking – 11 year olds – $50, Charlotte McKay

Eila George Award, Highest Mark Public Speaking – 10 year olds – $50, Aman Phangura

Elan Travel Ltd. Award, Highest Mark Narrative Poetry Senior – $100, Teah Wilken

Michael Strymecki Memorial Trophy, Highest Mark Choral Speaking (Kindergarten to Gr 3), Veritas School Grade 1

Mike and Joan Brady Award, Highest Mark Spoken Poetry (Lyric) Senior – $100, Sophia Zanardo

Misty River Books Award – Poetry, Highest Mark Spoken Poetry (Lyric) Intermediate – $75, Tiyanee Stevens

Misty River Books Award – Recital Group, Highest Mark Recital Group – $75, Sophia Zanardo

On Cue Players Award – 12 and under, Highest Mark Canadian Poetry – 12 and under – $100, Connor Block

On Cue Players Award – 13 and over, Highest Mark Canadian Poetry – 13 and over – $130, Kevin Eastman

Prince Rupert Rotary Club Award, Highest Mark Narrative Poetry Intermediate – $75, Iris Striker

Robin McColl Memorial Trophy, Highest Mark Spoken Poetry (Lyric) Junior, Johanna Hecker

Rotary Club of Terrace Award, Highest Mark Narrative Poetry Junior – $50, Hannah Link

Royal Bank Trophy, Highest Mark Choral Speaking (Grades 4 to Open), St. Anthony’s School Grade 7

Superior Linen Award, Highest Mark Improvisation and Mime – $75, Sophia Zanardo

Terrace Concert Society Award, Highest Mark Prose – $100, Tiyanee Stevens

Terrace Little Theatre Trophy, Highest Mark Dramatic Arts, Sophia Zanardo and Julia Piroso

Terrace Ministerial Association Award, Highest Mark Bible Reading Solo, Nicholas Edwards


Acadia Northwest Mechanical Award, Highest Mark Strings – Junior – $50, Bryn Giesbrecht

Cafenara Coffee Shop Award – Strings, Highest Mark Strings Conservatory – $100, Malcolm Neifer

Eagle Ridge Forestry Award, Highest Mark Harp – Intermediate and Senior – $100, Taya Haldane

Royal Bank Award, Highest Mark Intermediate Strings – $50, Malcolm Neifer

Royal Canadian Legion Ladies Auxiliary Award, Highest Mark Senior Strings – $100, Sandra Yoo

Terrace Community Band Award, Highest Mark Junior Harp – $50, Julia Yoo

Terrace Symphony Orchestra, Highest Mark Strings Duets, Trios or Ensembles – $100, Inverary Music Combined Harp Ensemble “Waltz for Kuisma”


Al Lehmann Award, Highest Mark Junior Music Theatre – $50, Julia Yoo

Bandstra Transportation Award, Highest Mark Vocal Conservatory Classes – $100, Graeme Linton

Dr. and Mrs. Appleton Award, Highest Mark Classical Group – $100, Graeme Linton

Dr. B. L. Phillips Award, Highest Mark Classical Vocal Duets, Trios, Ensembles – $100, Inverary Music Senior Vocal Ensemble “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”

Kitimat Concert Association Award, Highest Mark Pop Vocal – $100, Miranda Juergensen

Lorraine Johnstone Memorial Award, Highest Mark Singer and Accompanist Team – $100, Katherine Oscovai and Hannah Durrant

National Car Rental Award, Highest Mark Junior Vocal Solo – $50, Julia Yoo / Payton Prevost (tie)

Nechako Northcoast Construction Award, Highest Mark Intermediate Music Theatre – $75, Luane Dorais-Fleming

Rotary Club of Terrace Award, Highest Mark Music Theatre Duet, Trio, Ensembles – $150, Katie Hollett and Graeme Linton

Spotless Cleaners Award, Highest Mark Intermediate Vocal Solo – $75, Miranda Juergensen

Theatre Alive Society Award, Highest Mark Senior Music Theatre – $100, Graeme Linton

Totem Furniture & Appliances Award, Highest Mark Senior Vocal Solo – $100, Rheann Armes / Graeme Linton (tie)


Acadia Northwest Mechanical Award, Highest Mark Woodwind Conservatory Solo – $100, Emily Barron

Bank of Montreal Award, Highest Mark Woodwind Solo, Junior – $50, Emily Barron

Nenninger Family Award, Highest Mark Woodwind Duets, Trios and Ensembles – $100, Inverary Music Senior Flute Trio “Gravement and Allemande from Sonata I”

Terrace and District Arts Council Award, Highest Mark Woodwind Solo, Intermediate to Open – $75, Anna Linton

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