Colby Bowles will show his welsummer chickens in 4-H poultry achievement at the Skeena Valley Fall Fair this weekend.

Colby Bowles will show his welsummer chickens in 4-H poultry achievement at the Skeena Valley Fall Fair this weekend.

4-H prepares for fall fair

Terrace youths show their poultry and rabbits at fall fair this weekend.

The 99-year-old Canadian organization 4-H welcomes youths between the ages of eight and 21, and this fall Terrace’s members will be showcasing their chickens and rabbits at the Skeena Fall Fair on September 7.

The animal parade is one of the beloved events that takes place at the fair and this year will be no exception, said volunteer Yvette Favron.

“Last year was the first year the fashion show was at the fair and it was a big hit,” said Favron.

“Anyone with an animal can dress them up and bring them in the parade…it’s very cute.”

Participants will create custom made costumes for their critters to flaunt in the fashion show.

The animals will be judged by 4-H members which will allow the youth to explore what it means to make a critical decision, explained Favron.

Last year’s most notable chicken was dressed up as a storm trooper, said Favron.

The 4-H Club provides youth with hands-on opportunities to learn how to become more productive, organized, self-assured adults which will guide them to become better leaders of their communities.

The idea behind the rearing of poultry and bunnies is an example of how hands-on this club is.

These youths raise a critter that they hope can pass their peer’s judgment to become the prize pet at the fair.

Throughout this experience, Favron explained, the students learn about animal husbandry, compassion and organization.

“We try to make it a fun time and a family time,” Favron said, “and hopefully they make it a learning experience as well.”

This year, the fall fair is a one-day event and 4-H members are going to be volunteering their time to help with setup and takedown.

They will be camping out on the fair grounds so they can start with cleanup bright and early.

After their pancake breakfast, of course.

Favron said that 4-H is always looking for new members and new leaders that have skills to offer to the youth.

“Anything you can think of that is a skill can be turned into a 4-H project,” Favron said, “cooking, sewing motor and mechanics; all of it can be turned into a learning opportunity.”

On September 7, the 4-H Club will be hosting four events, including a bike achievement, an open bike obstacle course, a rabbit achievement and a poultry achievement.