Rob Brown

Down in the dumps

This week our columnist Rob Brown talks about garbage and living a zero-waste lifestyle


This week, our columnist Rob Brown uses videos from YouTube to teach us about different fishing philosophies

Car wrecks

This week, our columnist Rob Brown paints a picture of one of the world's greatest salmon streams – and it's not always pretty


Our columnist Rob Brown takes on the BC Wildlife Federation's proposal for steelhead hatcheries


This week, our columnist Rob Brown unpacks the claim that sports fishers should be allowed to kill steelhead because of their abundance

Roger and friends

This week, our columnist Rob Brown remembers Roger Reid, a Kingfisher

One fly

Our columnist Rob Brown finds inspiration in a moment of forgetfulness

Reg rage ends

Our columnist Rob Brown gives us the final instalment of his reg rage series


THE LAKELSE River is high, but clear. I go there to see if any sockeye are flipping about.

Reg rage four

Our columnist Rob Brown gives you the insider take on the fishing industry

Reg rage three

Our Rob Brown shares his angle in his weekly column

Reg Rage

Rob Brown gives us his insider take on the Quality Waters Strategy

Guide loathing

The Skeena Fish Advisory Committee convened for its annual meeting at the Terrace Valley Golf and Country Club on the 18th of March.

Kalum in Winter

The dog is getting impish. Relax, I tell her. As soon as the chores are done, we’ll go out.

PEARL, cut by swine

Government cuts to environmental projects a poor choice

Dog quest the final chapter

As we drove home our curly shepherdoodle lay peacefully on Karen’s lap.

Dog hunt

Dogs are hard wired to please people. Provided they have a decent upbringing, they are loyal to a fault.

Embracing winter 2

Learning how to make and fish hybrid sinking tips and wield a two fisted fly rod was only half the task.

Embracing winter

Summer failed to happen. We didn’t have much of a fall. Now winter’s here and it appears that it will be long and full of snow.

Odd decision

Bob phoned. I returned his call.

How’s your season going? he asked.

Slow, I said