Malcolm Baxter

The Pearl-Qatar (TPQ) in Doha

You spell Qatar this way …. C-A-S-H

Qatar may be a model for other nations to learn from with their forward thinking involving foreign investment, observes Terrace B.C. writer.

The Pearl-Qatar (TPQ) in Doha

Small glimmer of light at end of LNG tunnel

Writer takes a look at progression of LNG projects in the region

Nathan Cullen seems to have stretched a few numbers in his recent press release about a poll on electoral reform.

MP Cullen’s numbers are just a bit dodgy

MP Nathan Cullen may have stretched his report about the "high-level engagement" on his recent telephone poll on electoral reform.

Nathan Cullen seems to have stretched a few numbers in his recent press release about a poll on electoral reform.

Japanese moves blunt LNG expectations

Asian buyers know full well that, after years of getting beaten up on LNG price, they are now in the driving seat.

LNG decision delay not surprising

Is it really accurate to say that the greenlight from LNG project proponents is dependent on the price of oil?

Why would Cullen want leader’s job?

Malcolm Baxter wonders why on earth the MP would want the federal NDP leadership.

This power idea is out of this world

It's one more plan to help keep greenhouse gases in check

This fund is a $100 million shell game

Christy Clark’s Liberal government failed their magic trick by revealing the source of the new Prosperity Fund.

Low prices cloud LNG decision horizon

Projects being postponed: price is the big one when it comes to LNG proponents deciding to go ahead with a project.

B.C. LNG hopes come down to hard numbers

Key to development depends on very long term outlook

Power play the reason for oil glut

Saudi Arabia trying to force other producers to back off production

Energy company buy lengthens LNG wait

Royal Dutch Shell's takeover offer to British company BG reminds one of the saying, “The time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets.”

LNG decisions not for the faint of heart

Malcolm Baxter does not envy the task facing the LNG proponent majors in deciding whether to green light plans for plants on the B.C. coast

Take a quick trip around the world of LNG

A lot has been happening on the LNG front since Malcolm Baxter's last column...

Colombia LNG delay could benefit northwest B.C. project

There is an old expression that goes, “It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good," writes Terrace Standard columnist Malcolm Baxter

LNG is a game of snakes and ladders

The plunge in oil prices in the last few months predictably brought out the Chicken Littles, writes columnist Malcolm Baxter

LNG tax not the only tricky issue

Federal government also has role to play in potential industry

LNG tax revenue remains a distant target

Development of the industry in B.C. is still a long ways off

In the LNG business, China holds all the cards

Life was already complicated enough when it came to B.C.’s LNG aspirations, but the Russians and Chinese have just cranked it up

Conservatives need to defend national interest

Refining oil in Canada would mean job boom in Terrace and boost to our nation